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Kicking of the Week or Two Back!

31 May

And finally for Friday here’s some more good stuff from the town centre CCTV network. There was a kicking on Sunday May 12th and it’s only just been made common knowledge but three chaps got into a bit of a contretemps with some other chaps at 3.00am (Eternal…That’s a KLF chart topper).
One of the nice chaps termed a “kickee” being on the receiving end of the kick has been left with a dodgy eye after his kicking by the “kickers” (I sympathize, I’ve had one for 49 years but got mine by falling off something) and so two weeks after the grand event Beds Police have released the several snaps as an aide memoire in case you know them.

Looks like he's doing Kung Fu!

Looks like he’s doing Kung Fu!

If you do you might not want to say much lest you get a kicking. You may have been passing by listening to the early morning bird song when the fisticuffs were in full flow and you might have stopped to partake of the free entertainment, unlikely given the time however if you noticed something slightly unusual like eight chaps in a bit of bundle just ring the police and they will send the helicopter out and issue another press release. !
Anyway let’s hope they catch these ruffians and send them to Australia, it certainly calmed my Great Great Grandad down. For a bit anyway. Looking at the images of these urban hoodlums one of them looks very similar to **** that drinks in The ****** **** down ***** Road.
Names and locations deleted on legal grounds. Basically if **** saw this…what he’d do would be illegal. Mind you knocking someone about in the wee small hours might be classed as a bit anti social!

Maybe I'll ring **** and ask if it's him!

Maybe I’ll ring **** and ask if it’s him!

We’ll be back some point tomorrow if the weather’s crap, if not then maybe Sunday!


Cllr Tim Hill Talks Bollards!

31 May

Here’s two bits of local news, see if you can spot the very tenuous connection between the two. It’s hard but anyone with a IQ of over a million might just get it!
Goldington Green: Council security bollards put in to prevent gypsies getting on the fields have proved to be ineffective as the travellers simply ripped them out and set up camp. Police were called blah de blah!

Elstow: £4000 has been spent putting security bollards in near the brook to stop gypsies getting on the field and setting up camp. Cllr Tim Hill (Liberal Democrat) and shown standing in close proximity to some bollards said “It’s now impossible to get on as the posts can’t be removed. Please vote for me”! I’ve added the last bit but I dare say Tim would like everyone to vote for him!

I'm a good boy me!

The buggers won’t get past these!

Now me and Wiz went over last night to drop a letter off and we’ve looked at the Elstow bollards and they are …erm….standard bollards …well that’s £4000 well spent there Tim! Let’s see if they do as good a job as those at Goldington Green!

Carry on Kempston!

31 May

The hunt for the three dark figures captured by CCTV running away from a murder scene in Kempston continues. As ever the media are supporting the hunt by interviewing the victims granddaughter and it went as far as being on Crimewatch last night.
Now the CCTV image is being banded about as proof positive that endless surveillance is the answer to our woes but as Bedford Bypass stated two weeks back it didn’t prevent this murder but according to advocates it helped result in an almost immediate arrest and near as damn it identification of the person arrested as a suspect by telling us all he lived in a small village just outside Bedford. He was released soon after on bail. They don’t usually release any thought to be associated with a murder that quickly, the y fight tooth and nail to keep them in!
Now I heard a real howler last night. In defence of CCTV I was told by a straight faced chap that CCTV works because as a result of the police being able to look at the shapes of the people seen in silhouette legging it from the crime scene and the shape of the person arrested, they have been able to work out that he wasn’t one of the three leggers!
The other thing I’ve heard is that thanks to the CCTV the police were almost immediately able to deduce which way the three headed after the stabbing!
What they haven’t been able to do as yet is arrest anyone other than the misshaped person above which to me suggests that one of the main benefits of CCTV is that is acts to prevent the police stitching anyone up as seems to have been common practice in the 70s and 80s and before anyone cries shame on you you trouble making Bedford Bypass woman just google the name Stefan Kiszko. Framed for the murder of Leslie Moleseed the evidence that would have exonerated Stefan before the trial had even begun was deliberately withheld by the police so as not to affect their clean up rate! Go on…have a look!
Then have a look at the image below and just ask yourself is an ever enlarging network of camera’s having any effect on crime! What I can say is that as and when the three are arrested, charged and found guilty (choose any one from three as only one actually stabbed him, the others will probably say they didn’t know he had a knife) and you can guarantee that the images will go round and round the media again, proof that we need more! And Crimewatch will then claim it was them that helped
Gill McC

Woolwich Ghetto

29 May

Tuning into Three Counties Radio yesterday…actually they tuned into me by butting into my CD to tell me that some road was blocked, the special phone in guest star was none other than Tommy Robinson of the English Defense League and a bit like those times with the central heating bloke or the nice man from Trading Standards is on, lucky listeners were given the chance to phone in a speak to Tommy direct about whatever they wanted, hatred of all Muslims, the weather, hating anyone that doesn’t like waving a St George’s flag about, potholes, that tedious prose about coming for the Jews…I was not Jewish so I said nothing…then they came for…..that one!
I turned off back to the CD, (The Orb if interested) and spent much of the morning wanting to listen to what had been said but knowing that if I had I’d spent the morning parked up at Toddington Services in a daze. I don’t doubt for one minute that Mr Tommy would have lined his supporters up to hog the phone lines as best they could.
Ian Bone is arguably the UK’s best known anarchist and puts many others to shame with his blog which you can access by clicking that pointer thing on this bit here!

Brimming with anger and common sense in equal measure Ian manages to capture thought processes of many and get it into print so rather than me waffling my way through my thoughts the better option is to reproduce (without permission though I’ll ask him later) an entry from his blog from a few days back!
The image is from the Warsaw Ghetto archive. Have a think about why I’ve placed it here and you might get an idea where we are sleepwalking our way to


Robinson made a potentially fatal mistake at Woolwich where the EDL appeared as if celebrating the soldier murder for the political opportunity it gave them. The pissed up balaclavas and regulation bottle throwing at blacks did not appeal to the people of Woolwich. Neither will last night’s battle of Wetherspoons in Bristol. However Saturday in Newcastle was a different story. By and large discipline was maintained and the real plus for the EDL was that people watching were applauding and encouraging – would the same be true in Woolwich if they marched in orderly fashion with St.Georges flags flying and the balaclavas and goons abandoned? You tell me.
So it might appear that Robinson has the old Nick Griffin problem – how to turn the boneheads into suits – but he doesn’t because UKIP are the suits.
Robinson has been waiting for the islamacist atrocity to come along and would no doubt be happy for three to come along at once. In truth the Left/anarchists have no one coming close to Robinson as a canny political operator as anyone seeing him give Paxman the runaround in his Newsnight interview way back would have to acknowledge. He is working class, he talks like he’s working class. One of the few times you hear a working class voice talking politics on the telly. The snobby left trying to say he’s stupid need to wise up quick.
After the Newsnight interview many snobby leftists were laughing at his grammar. He is also daring and bold – the rabbi stunt was fucking funny as well as daring. He leads from the front – ever seen any left leader do that? He has a strategy of how to get from A-B. There I’ve said it – how many years will our armchair anarchists be salivating over that. Time to stop kidding ourselves – we’re sleepwalking to a right wing Tory/UKIP coalition with the bright lad acting as enforcer. We need to acknowledge some realties rather than tilt at windmills comrades. Then we might…just fucking might…begin to organise and fight.

Revealing Time!

28 May


How can you resist?

How can you resist?

From time to time secrets will be revealed using the communication medium of Bedford Bypass. These secrets contain essential knowledge. Information that once read will be archived in the neural mechanism that is your sub conscience.
You will be travelling some distant road, you will see a road sign and this will trigger that chemical impulse, the latent knowledge will be revived, it will breath again, take form even and you will remember the information almost word for word, it will take you a split second and you will realise that there is no such thing as fate. Your entire life is pre-programmed. Devotees of the Sihn Hartra Gathering know that from time to time, we have to “ Start Spreading The News” which is one of Sihn Hartra’s key mantras that we are dedicated to repeating as often as possible!

Local singer Adele knows what we are on about!

Local singer Adele knows what we are on about!

So “we’re going to make a start of it” and tell you about a wonderful gem of a second hand CD and Record emporium called Cob Records which you will find in an end of terrace shop on the edge of Portmadog in North Wales. It’s smack bang opposite the Blaenau Ffffestiniog train station and if you want another reason it’s very close to Portmeirion where the Prisoner was filmed and where the latest chic music festival will be held again this August after a real good first effort last year (although it will be interesting to see if the law of diminishing returns kicks in and if Glastonbury saps the money reserves of paying punters).
So the Sihn Harta Gathering know that sometime soon you will be driving, you will find yourself drawn by mystical force to this Welsh town, what’s that? a vague memory of a CD and Record shop, something about a puffa train station, it’s coming back, you will remember this, you will remember, you will, you will……There it is….Cob Records! And you’ll know If you can make it there you’ll make it just about anywhere! It’s up to you!

Oooooh Lovely!

Oooooh Lovely!

Burning Man!

24 May
Only a Fool Would Choose to be King For a Day!

Only a Fool Would Choose to be King For a Day!

If it rains this coming bank holiday weekend you might find the link to a Youtube posting of interest particularly if you are in love with the concept of burning large wicker effigies on remote Scottish islands! Mr Tug will no doubt enjoy it!
It feature one of my fave bands The KLF and this is the result of them taking a gaggle of music journalists out to the Isle of Jura (where George Orwell wrote 1984) and treating them to a bit of a bonkers typical KLF stunt! This version feature narration by Martin Sheen no less!

Kempston Kicking of the Week!

24 May



But first a quick advert! Come to Kempston, says the Kempston Tourist Board!

Last Tuesday (14th May) there was a murder but things have quickly returned to normal with your everyday kicking. Last Sunday at just gone 10.00pm some laddie was walking away from the Mullberry Bush pub down Easton Rd when he got whopped on the back of the head and had his phone nicked. Blah de blah, Police asking for witnesses, blah de blah three arrests made!
Meanwhile close to last week’s murder scene someone was clocked deliberately setting fire to a BMW at 11.20am (broad daylight!).
The Police have said “We are moving ever closer to establish who killed this man and why and we will be relentless in our pursuit of those responsible.”
Lets hope so, in the meantime if you want to see the crystal clear CCTV footage from last week’s incident it’s there on Youtube. This is a new one on me, I usually look at old Top of the Pops stuff but now it seems I can look at vague footage of three people legging it. Notice that in the several minutes gap between the two sections of footage a second car has parked opposite the crime scene.

Cllr Richard Stay….yet again!

23 May
A letter to Cllr Richard Stay

A letter to Cllr Richard Stay

The above letter is from 2011 and needs to be viewd in conjunction with further substantial info on the Caddington Village News website, link below! Let me gather my thoughts…I think it was 2007. I was working for Bedfordshire County Council and had become very aware that three officers these being Andrew Smith, Tracey Harris and Ben Finlayson (the latter two still being employed by Central Bedfordshire) were rather naively trying to rush a planning application for an incinerator at Stewartby whilst wilfully failing to consult the public or advise elected councillors. Crass and stupid, both Harris and Finlayson proved themslves to be easily manipulated!
As part of my course of action, I was advised that even though he came across as an obnoxious git of some considerable magnitude Cllr Richard Stay had expressed similar concerns so I had a word with him advsing that Andrew Smith was a professional Fuckwit. Stay despite being made aware that there was a real storm brewing reported me for insubordination.

Right to reply offered Cllr Stay..go on, you know you want to!

Right to reply offered Cllr Stay..go on, you know you want to!

The story hit the media with a combined bit of work Susan Gaszack, a local Lib Dem Cllr and myself!
The end result was a severe embarrassment for the Conservative run council who had spent well over a £1million on the scheme only to see it go down the drain!
I’ve never trusted Richard Stay, never seen any merit in his presence and can’t for the life of me work out why he constantly gets re-elected.
I’ll say no more than that but would like to offer all readers the opportunity to read a letter from Bedfordshire Police to the rotund egg on legs and if it takes your fancy you might enjoy a look at Caddington Village News where Master of Ceremonies Patrick has posted a saga very worthy of Private Eye. It’s complicated but very worth the time!

Bedford Borough Councillors trapped in purgatory!

22 May

imagesCA9J9I3GIn a move seemingly designed to purposely give us something to blog about the most recent meeting of Bedford Borough Council’s General Purposes Committee on the 8th May commenced according to the time honoured tradition at 7.01pm and eventually ran out of steam after an incredible three minutes duration at 7.04pm.
Notwithstanding the one from last year that lasted just a minute (without repetition deviation…) this is funny! The Sustainability Committee last met 30thJan and squeezed 28minutes and hasn’t met since. There’s a sustainability joke in there I guess!
Then there’s a new meeting due to start called the Health and Wellbeing Board. Presumably this is to check that councillors are OK with their copious allowances and on a similar theme we await with baited breath this year’s release of information showing what they’ve bagged / trousered in return for going to meetings of interminable length!

A note from Debs!

22 May
Feeding the Five!

Feeding the Five!

A taste of the Levant came to the Prime Ministers area of Bedford last Saturday, when Debs (that’s me) tried to create a Lebanese meal for Mr S’s birthday.

I opened the door to find Mr S and a portion of the gang including Skip Hunter both looking splendid in evening attire, me slightly less elegant in jeans and an apron advertising a certain brand of pepper sauce from Louisiana. Plus various colourful stains. More importantly, they’d brought the booze. Apologies were received from Ms H who is on assignment in China, Beijing as of the most recent Skype, Gill McC is now resident in the North and very close to the salt mines and Mon Pierre was presumably on some dance floor in London. He’s quite young compared to the rest of us!

As usual, I’d prepared far too much food even though I knew I was catering for just four. Although I somehow passed ‘O’ level maths, it never occurred to me that if I prepared ten dishes each serving four people, there’d be a enough food for a lot more than that. Still, better to have too much that too little and the five well-nourished fifty something’s squeezed themselves round my kitchen table for the troughing to begin.



The CD player played hits from our late teens to early twenties, and as “turning Japanese” by the Vapours was sung to the words “turning Lebanese” we put the world to rights. Hammer Horror films, being an only child, being one of a pair of siblings, submarines, dried milk, heart attacks – you name it – we touched on everything. The visuals were provided by watching the neighbourhood cats picking their way across the shed roof, trying to avoid the gaping hole in the middle. They seemed to find us interesting!

After two days planning, shopping, preparing, cooking and washing up, the last thing I felt like was eating, I made up for this by liberal amounts of some superb wine as provided by “Skip” who assured me that he’d bought them rather than found them (though I did check the date) and the inevitable consequence was that near the end of the evening I was accused of slurring my words. This slanderous critique came courtesy of Mr S’s other half, the glamorous Lady D, looking slightly smug as she was the designated driver and therefore stone cold sober and clearly bemused as for the rest of us English became very much a second language. I had committed the heinous crime of mispronouncing the word illegitimate (hard enough to say when you’re not under the influence, and why were we talking about illegitimacy in the first place?) The other three enjoyed having fun at my expense, but they were on my turf so I didn’t care. After all, none of them had ever had too much to drink, had they?