Election Fever Competition! Win! Win! Win!

21 May

Well folks” Its election day tomorrow and you will have the wonderful opportunity to ensure that someone you don’t know and quite probably will neve know gets to carry on doing whatever it is they do over in Brussels.

To celebrate all that is good and scrummy about the British electoral system of convincing you that your vote is something more than a pass card to posh restaurants we have another great competition for you to enter!

A bit like “Spot the Ball” all you have to do is study the below photo taken here at Bypass HQ and see if you can spot the bogus election leaflet. Actually when we say “bogus” what we mean is it isn’t a real election leaflet even though through use of the vernacular its probably the only one that sums up the whole process with any accuracy!

So get yourself a drink, put your specs on and look hard to see if you can literally “Spot the Balls”…look we’ve even given you a clue! Good luck dear readers (240 yesterday for some unfathomable reason) send your answers to mcclintongill167@gmail.com and if we aren’t too exhausted after the post election celebrations we will think of a prize.

Total total Bollocks!

Total total Bollocks!

Incidentally there are a few unclaimed prizes, mostly bask issues of Now or Never behind the bar at The Bear PH on the High St and Paul is wondering what to do with them. This applies to Rich and Will who have gone awfully quiet of late!


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