Election Round-Up, Everyone won, except the voters!

24 May

Yep! Listening to the media, everyone’s celebrating. Even the Lib Dems are attempting to wave little flags. Simon Hughes was on Radio 4 trying his best to carve good news into his arm with a rusty knife. Simon Hughes, he won  a monumental victory (their words) in the 80s. Labour had chosen Peter Tatchell as their candidate and everyone but everyone crucified him on account of his sexual orientation. Hughes stood back and let it all happen. We couldn’t possibly have a pooftah as an MP could we? It was the 80s, we’d had Tom Robinson singing Glad to be Gay, it was OK for the odd pop star but not for Peter. So he got a mauling, the count was almost a nazi riot as the NF were out in force. Simon Hughes in a move that shows how we have progressed has since come out. A welcome move but it sits quite badly with anyone who remembers Bermondsey. Tatchell has since gone on to achieve more than Hughes could dream of. When he’s on the news, he’s listened to with respect however when Hughes is on, he’s a mouthpiece for rogues, rascals and slayers (Tournier, Revengers Tragedy)

Vote and then fuck off peasants...

Vote and then fuck off peasants…

A husband and wife team were also on the Radio, for legal purposes I shall call them Mr and Mrs Smith. She’s certainly done well out of the Blair years but the fact that she was knocking anyone off that she fancied was something of an embarrassment, one minute she’s got her tongue down either Jim or Kevin’s throat and next she’s cuddling up to her hubby. I often wonder if he knew…

Yes, Labour are celebrating. The Conservative’s are denying a potential mid air link up with Nigel Faridge mostly it seems to save their jobs in constituencies where UKIP could knock them sidewards.

Nigel Fridge was down the pub faster than my dad after he’d been paid. Mind you his gang of winners are going to have a shock as they have volunteered to take part in a system where entire evening can be given over to discussing whether Mr Evans gets to build a conservatory that might be bigger than they want! Stunning stuff but if its anything like Bedford Borough Council they will have a pub near by that they can retreat to after to put their expenses back into the economy, mostly a brewery near Ipswich.

Rosemary Bootiman retained the Lib Dems a council seat in Bedford after the last one quit, rapture I gather but like the national picture nothings changed much. People will still face the courts through the bedroom tax, mental health charities will be thrashed financially, HIV is on the rise as cuts to education budgets continue, I could drone on and on…but I won’t. We will be offline til late Tuesday as Bedford Bypass is going to Paris for our second Annual General Meeting since February, the meeting will be held tomorrow afternoon in a nice little pub on Rue Mouffetard which despite a comical name is one of the few streets in Paris not to have been bulldozed by General Haussmann some moons back. We shall report on decisions made one of which may be of interest to anyone totally brassed off with the crushingly boring state of the way we are pushed and governed. Back soon….Debs and Pete are in charge and will be monitoring any emails sent to  mcclintongill167@gmail.com

We Are But Shadows. Umbra Sumas, Visions of You and then The Sun Does Rise

We Are But Shadows. Umbra Sumas, Visions of You and then The Sun Does Rise



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