Alistair Birt brings the money in!

23 Jun

A big hearty “Well Done” is heading towards Alistair BurtMP for North East Bedfordshire (and incidentally MP for three of the Bedford Bypass team. Four if you include Wiz though she doesn’t vote. That said neither do we!

So why the applause for Alistair? Well not only has he managed to get his wife on the payroll for somewhere in the mid £30K band and didn’t have to pay back some of his expenses, and lets ignore him claiming for peanuts*, between March and June this year Alistair has bagged himself an additional £8333 working for some Leeds based combo called PLLG Ltd.

Alistair Birt. He lost his hair quite quickly it would seem!

Alistair Birt. He lost his hair quite quickly it would seem!

This is what PLLG have to say about themselves:

PLLG Ltd has a deliberate policy of retaining a low profile. You will not find us voluntarily publicising for whom we act or services we have provided to them. PLLG maintains strict confidentiality and displays unyielding integrity. The majority of our clients come from referrals from existing clients. This in itself is a clear message as to the success of PLLG’s philosophy of considering the client first above our own visage. We are careful and selective about the clients from whom we accept instructions to act and jealously guard our reputation and professionalism.

So if I’ve read this correctly Burt has collared an extra £8333 (to date) acting as a consultant to a company that advises business but we, the people that pay Burty Boy’s wage (and also his wife’s) are limited in seeing exactly how his time is being put to use by PLLG! I think I’ll ask him!

*And in case Alistair Burt is considering trying to silence us legally, as a caveat I will here and now accept that they might not have been peanuts, they could well have been mixed nuts and they cost us £3.00. The tight arsed little twat did also claim £2.00 for Pringles and £3.50 for an unspecified minibar item.

Ms Humphrey Cushion will also appreciate this sentiment…you could put a cabbage on a stick in some parts of Bedfordshire and they’d still get elected! It doesn’t matter what you do they always get back in!


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