New Technology

21 Aug

Don’t ask me how but I’m interupting our Bedford Bypass two weeks holiday to let you know that we are on holiday for two weeks. The “don’t ask me how” bit refers to the fact that I am typing this on someone elses PC in the car park of a pub called the Nelson Head at Horsey which I guess you could say is just up from Gt Yarmouth.

No I didn’t believe that this sort of technology existed and no I can’t explain it…the PC isn’t plugged to anything either. Good pub by the way if you ever get down this way, seals on the beach nearby.

Despite Charlie the vet being uncautiously pessimistic* as to Wiz’s long term future she’s been charging about on the sand. Pity the poor sod who’s supposed to be appearing at the local club with his Cliff Richard lookalike act…similar to when people asked me what my job was and I’d tell them I was a Gary Glitter tribute before the bottles started flying….silence…!

Normal poor quality comments and gutter humour will resume this weekend. Maybe Monday by the time we get the van unloaded!

*doesn’t look right?


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