Leonard Cohen: Star Trek Actor Dies!

3 Mar

Tributes to the actor Leonard Nimoy continue to pour in and so the team at Bedford Bypass proudly offer their personal homage to this very versatile thespian!

Leonard Nimoy! Beamed up for good!

Leonard Nimoy! Beamed up for good!

As with many actor fame and success didn’t come easy and after some years playing bit parts Leonard’s break through came in the role of Spock in Star Trek the original series. A hard act to follow but he showed his vocal talents as the character Spock in Star Trek The Animated Series. This opened further doors and the next big challenge…. the role of Spock, a part alien / human in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Higher profile work poured in and Nimoy found himself at the centre of the stage playing the character Spock in Star Trek: The Wrath of Kahn, a Muslim family man in Birmingham who was annoyed. Bedford Bypass regular Skip Hunter takes over…

The Wrath of Khan

The Wrath of Khan

Yeah, thanks Gill, Leonard Nimoy then found himself climbing a mountain in more ways than one when after gruelling casting sessions he won the coveted role of Spock in the film The Search for Spock in which the crew of a space ship searched for a character called Spock on a mountain. His proven versatility resulted in a further string of blockbusters with Nimoy playing second lead as Spock in a film about Wales although it was actually filmed in San Francisco. Then he played a sort of second in command called Spock in a film where the crew of a space ship go looking for god with the big reveal coming when they find him. But it’s actually another alien pretending to be god because god doesn’t exist.  Debs takes over….Whilst  many associate Nimoy with the big screen quite often lost in his CV or whatever job hunting actors send to directors was his startling appearance as an alien ambassador called Ambassador Spock in the long running series Star Trek: The Next Generation at which point after a return to the Hollywood stage set in the blockbuster Star Trek The Undiscovered Country, a sort of cowboys in space thing in which his portrayal of Spock earned him awards from Star Trek fans  he went into retirement although he did find time to write a second autobiography called with wit and panache “I Am Spock”!

Nimoy starred in The Great Escape!

Nimoy starred in The Great Escape!

Steve writes….But that wasn’t quite it. Age obviously maketh the man and Nimoy drew sharp breaths as he returned to the big screen with a moving portrayal of a man lost in space and time but mostly time. Named Spock Prime the character had to play a younger and older version of the same man which with make up and special effects he achieved. When the makers of this opted to make a sequel,  perhaps an unwise move in Hollywood Nimoy again reprised the role of Spock Prime starring with Bendyhatch Cumberswitch although to be fair it did come across as a bit of an afterthought!

And that concludes our tribute to actor Leonard Nimoy and his 50 year career! Coming soon our tribute to Hollywood actor William Shatner. He’s still knocking about but we’ve already written it. That’s what they do for The Guardian and Telegraph apparently!


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