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Losers All!

10 May

And welcome back to Bedford Bypass! We have been very busy…Actually we haven’t. Just slouching about, watching the odd film and nipping back and forth to various bits of Norfolk. Truth is a malaise set in as soon as the election bandwagon started to make its presence felt. Big names slinking unannounced into town for hush hush photo opportunities to selected guests with the voting public finding out that so and so has been in town! It was in short a mind numbing seven weeks!

Against the odds (most local Conservatives had written off his chances) Richard Fuller retained his seat and the ever so dreary and tediously boring Patrick Hall (Labour) is still unemployed after five years in the wilderness! Here’s Patrick with fellow loser Ed Balls at some Bedford event to rally the troops not that it did him any good.

Ed and Dickhead! Patrick Hall met Ed Balls

Ed and Dickhead! Patrick Hall met Ed Balls

I did get a missive from Mahmud Henry Rogers who was the wannabe MP sacrificial lamb from the Lib Dems. He wanted to correct something that I didn’t say as he suggested that I’d suggested that he’d suggested he had dropped his opposition to tuition fees so I reproduce his comment here :

“You are mistaken. I said in the debate that I had forgiven Nick Clegg for making a mistake, which the Deputy Prime Minister admitted he had done. I did not say I had changed my mind on Tuition Fees.I remain against tuition fees, as I have always been”

The real gist of what I said was that Mahmud came across as a bit of a crawler of high degree although his wonderful ability to forgive Cleggy was heart warming and brought tears to my eyes, almost as Paul O Grady and the puppies! Mind you doling out pardons to turncoats didn’t do Mr Rogers any good. Or Clegg for that matter! Better luck next time Mahmud! Piss off Nick Clegg!

Bye bye Mahmud Henry Rogers!

Bye bye Mahmud Henry Rogers!

On the local council front Independent Doug (lights out) McMurdo retained his council seat despite being convicted of twatting representatives of his wards local youth! I like that, very amusing! All the carpet baggers on huge expenses retained their seats and it looks like the Lib Dem Mayor will once again team up with local Labour to run the show but at least this time they will have something very much in common, both parties got a good kicking from the electorate! But does that really matter when a Labour councillor keeps her seat and gets £21,000 plus £13,000 extra for being chair of the local fire service committee!

Meanwhile apart from a a few new faces nothings really changed, Labour will rebuild and the pendulum will start ticking back. Some grinning gooning charismatic type will lead them to victory and the whole sorry process starts again, the government will always win!