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End of the road for Bedford Bypass?

6 Sep

No blog for over a year! Simple answer…we’ve moved away to Norwich as some of you will already know and it seemed somewhat fraudulent to keep blogging about the dire state of Bedford. We lived there since 1991 and did what Mancunians called a flitt last October although I’d spent much of that year up and down the A11. As far as moving house goes it started in Jan 2015 with a new job and ended in May 2016 when we moved into somewhere we knew as home after kipping under four different roofs! Wiz who became known as the Bedford Bypass dog was actually called Wispa and came from Beryl at Albery Dog Rescue and a very nice person she is! Wispa died in June 2015 and I still miss her!

Bloody stupid says Wiz of Bedford Bypass.

Much lovedWiz of Bedford Bypass.

I have often made mention of one of this fair islands longest running Anarchist publications The Cunningham Amendment formerly of that place called “the North” but now in Norfolk. Their help in our move to this fine city was incalculable and they are, along with a smattering of folk back in Bedford true friends in every sense of the word! As is Mr Tug Baggins of Now or Never magazine.

Debs remains in Bedford, no surprise as she was born there and is family. Period! Skip Hunter moved house as well although in his case about five doors down from his previous abode. Gill (McClinton) remains Clan Chief and can be found back in the family homestead in Carrickfergus near Belfast although Gill was over a week or so back and having a sister with a light northern Irish accent confused a a few folk.

Bedford is a small provincial town going nowhere. Much of my rage at the abysmal state of affairs over there fueled Bedford Bypass although its all gone and I cant be bothered writing about it anymore. I went to University at the age of 34 with the sole aim of getting a job where I could stroll in at 11.3oam and spend much of the day whingeing. Eventually I ended up at xxxxxxxxx where thanks to an inept manager with no social skills or managerial capability come to think of it I made a conscious decision to do as little as possible for the best part of three years which gave me all the time in the world to create blogs, draft them out, have an hour or two for lunch and then load several per day whilst on the payroll.  Well who wouldn’t! Eventually bored witless, slowly going stupid and with my partner having got a much better job in Norwich i decided (against the odds) to part company from my tedious boring as fuck job but working a pay out from them to do something I was going to do anyway. BINGO! …..and so that’s it! The main reason for Bedford Bypass was that I lived there and now I don’t!


But there’s still a sense a freedom and expression from blogging and when I take a dip into the Bypass archive there’s some good stuff in there! And plenty of rubbish! At one point your best chance of working for Bedford Borough Council was if you had a parent there. Bollocks to fair recruitment! I had people on the inside feeding all manner of gossip. I had Councillors buying me drinks and asking me to do the dirty on other Councillors and even staff. Mmmm? A very loaded letter landed by post at my private address which was so good I couldn’t make it stand so it went down as a lost blog…written but never posted! Bollocks, I’ve spent 20 minutes trying to import a suitable pic and ended up with a load of snowdrops….See…I can’t be arsed changing it!

Likewise numerous blogs were drafted in Word over the last 12 months but never posted. Some good ones but the fire for Bedford Bedford has gone out, apart from that I don’t have the time to do it! Actually I do but I’m too busy enjoying exploring a new City. But things in Bedford remain bleak and dreary…there was a meeting of the Borough Council’s General Licensing Committee a month or so back which lasted for all of three minutes! It gets better…the one in June groaned on for two minutes. And all those Cllrs in attendance claimed their money and either fucked off home or down the Kings Arms on St Mary’s. There was a big pre-election story about a new road bridge over the river into town. The Mayor and Charles Royden were pictured. I said at the time it was a “£$%^&* fucking stupid going nowhere idea and a press stunt and then after the election it got knocked on the head. That’s what the half witted people of Bedford pay for and that’s what they get!

So I’ve decided to keep Bedford Bypass live whilst I work out a new form to soak up my spleen ventational requirements…I think a new name has been agreed and the option is to start a new blog or just transfer this one. Whatever…thank you for reading, sending snippety bit and bobs…thanks to Debs for her ramblings on Bedford’s past history which much to me my equal delight and amusement were the most popular pages of Bedford Bypass and er….well I’m off to my new local! Now GO AWAY!