About Bedford-bypass

Why Bedford-Bypass! why indeed.  It stems from passion and a belief in Bedford as a town. A belief that we deserve better from our elected representatives and if you read the small print our view that our elected representatives will always protect a limited set of interests namely (in the first instance, themselves). We see this in the way that many of our elected Councillors seem happy to take the trappings that come with being an elected representative i.e. the money but don’t appear to doing all that much. This changes at elections when they are everyone’s pal and seeking to get their pictures in the local paper pointing at things and being very concerned then as soon as they get in they vanish!

We intend to strike out as a blog that stems very much from an anarchist tradition, a belief in mutual support and that by sharing information and supporting each other we can make an impact, its early days as yet.

The starting point came from a very limited hard copy editions of something called the Bedford Bugle which were produced a) for a laugh and b) so get across some points to council agency staff that they were being shafted. We then chanced upon Alan Moore excellent magazine Dodgem Logic and were particularly struck with the News from NoHo section and were looking at producing a Bedford based version toying with Bedford Bugle, Bedford Clanger (which has appeared in its own right as a very informative “what’s on in town” type guide and various others.

According to the laws of chaos we then chanced upon Mustard, part comic part comedy mag and contained within was a spoof report from a local newspaper The Bedford Pypass so we nicked it, we are allowed! However they came along just when we needed a title so thanks and grovelly praise go to Mustard. Follow the link if you need a chortle!

Our main continuing inspirations apart from the above are Now or Never, a wondeful riotous magazine produced in Norwich and Ian Bone’s website, Ian hit 64 recently and he puts many to shame with his unbridled anger and ability to aim in the right direction, again check the link.

So there, that’s all about us, I hope you are happy now, I’ve missed New Tricks writing this!


2 Responses to “About Bedford-bypass”

  1. Ray September 8, 2011 at 11:39 am #

    Lovely little blog! i have just discovered you via The Bone. I shall return.

    • bedford-bypass September 8, 2011 at 1:31 pm #

      Thanks Ray.

      I’ll tell you how it started, always a vocal gob when it comes to people being crapped on, I was becoming more and more marginalised, I got kicked out of the Labour Party after a stand up row about the Iraq War and at which my fire started to die as I was quite literally “billy no mates” as Bedford isn’t that big. Then I latched onto the Council’s use of agency staff for all the crap jobs and two specific instances where operatives were injured, one serious after being hit by a car and trapped behind a bin waggon. No work based support at all, at which point the fire started to grow again with the negative being that I had been working there in two guises for over 10 years, that latter through an agency, then after a bit of agitation I was fingered and became persona non grata.

      Saw the footage of Ian Tomlinson being assualted two years back, incadescent with fury, trundled down to Freedom Bookshop after finding it on Google, went to the bookfair, started to get “anarchism” clear in my head and in a position where I could explain to myself and then able to explain it to others.

      There’s an absence of activity round here and many good people have drifted off in the belief that there’s no point and that’s what I’m trying to change. Your comment has charged the batteries!


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