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Bedford Borough where time stands still!

18 Dec

And here we go with another instalment telling you how those noble Councillors elected by you (if you live in Bedford that is!) are spending their time in exchange for £10,000 each plus an extra £10,000 if they are on the “A” Team!

This week we are looking at the Licencing Committee which has met four times this year and what an action packed series of meetings they have been!



The first was back in January (2014) and after burning the midnight oil they finally wrapped up after a staggering 10 minutes which kept nine of our brave and the bold busy. After that was one held on May 17th and I had to do a double take as it finished at 7.15pm. Now these meetings usually commence at 6.30pm but unwilling to believe that the meeting could have droned on for 45mins I looked again and was mighty relieved to see it actually started at 7.11pm so just four minutes. Phew!

Next one was 3rd July with nine councillors plus officers waxing lyrical for ten minutes and then after a staggering gap of a few months the next meeting on 6th November scraped home in five minutes and just seven councillors.

Now stay close! The meetings above are the Licensing Committee. There’s also something else called the Licensing Sub Committee but I’m saddened to say that for whatever reason they don’t tell you how long these last and all I can say is that the agenda is somewhat shorter than the marathon sessions listed so there’s actually a real possibility in a DR Who style that these meeting are negative i.e. Minus 4mins. And…Ok I’m actually talking total rubbish here but writing this blog from start to finish including research and a quick wee took me exactly 19mins which is near enough the same amount of time that that well reimbursed gang on the Licensing Committee spent talking about thermally induced atmospheric environments (hot air to me and you!)


More Anarchists in The Boardroom

24 Jun

Pay someone a pittance you purchase their arms and legs, pay someone a decent wage you get their mind, treat them like a person and you get their heart….as heard in similar form on Radio 4 last night as they looked at alternative structures for workplace management with mention given to “flat hierarchies!

Anarchists in The Boardroom

Anarchists in The Boardroom

Hierarchies = chains of command. I pay I say You do!. Some businesses are “machine” and some are “people” That doesn’t necessarily fall to the ground where you would expect in that some of the most “brutal” managers I’ve come across have been in local government, often adept at working the situation to their financial benefit and ending up with quite extraordinary power over people and process. Those above them see them as crucial those below as belligerent idiots and are forced to spend their day covering their backs when they could in different days be developing their own potential to everyone’s benefit!

As an anarchist I have an engrained mistrusting attitude to authority and have it seems without fully appreciating it always attempted to introduce anarchist principles into the way I conduct myself and relate to others so even though I “nestle” in workplace hierarchies I’ve always shaped things, tried to temper my attitude to senior managers that have no social skills or those that it seems can despite reams of policy statements on harassment get away with the most awful treatment of those below them. Any milk today mistress?

Bypass has rightfully praised the book “Anarchists in the Boardroom” by Liam Barrington Bush and Liam will be speaking on said topics at the glorious Housmans Bookshop which is five minutes stroll from St Pancras station on the Caledonian Road. It starts at 7.00pm this Wednesday 25th June! That’s London by the way!

Books that hold great potential need to be mentioned as often as possible in order to reach as wide an audience as possible. Quite simple really. We came across Anarchists in The Boardroom through the monthly New Internationalist magazine, liking the review we took a random chance and the success of the crowd-funded publication comes I guess through not only its contents but by sustained word of mouth! Ripe strawberry’s Ripe!

If anyone fancies joining us as we head downtown, body rocking to a southbound rhythm to London, land of Pearly Kings and Queens, dancing chimney sweeps clambering over rooftops and where people break out into wonderfully choreographed song and dance routines* at the drop of a hat we aim to be boarding a 5.30pm (ish) train from Sandy station! Who will by my seet red roses two blooms for a penny|!

*Sorry, when I was a kid I thought this is what London was actually like! Step in time boys, step in time!

Take the hint, consider buying a copy!

Take the hint, consider buying a copy!

Make your Own Job Up!

23 Feb

I win! Five of us and was the first to make it back from Paris. By about 3 or 4 seconds. I ran from Skip’s car. We return to excellent news about our friend “J”. Now you remember that “J” has a major brain tumour, suffers fitting and has opted to hang around at home with a panic button rather than do the decent thing and find work. So he’s a candidate for Chanel 4 style scapegoatism, lets queue up to boo him the scrounger.

Anyway just to show that the system works, “J” was summoned to the job centre two weeks back after those nice Atos people deemed him fit to work on presumably the basis that if he turns to the left you tend not to notice the scarring from the last operation. Now “J” was once a user of industrial cutting gear, its all he’s done for 14 years but no one wants him now as the risk is to high. Apart from that he can’t get insurance. Apart from that he’s got a fairly large scar from where they removed a big part of his skull to get in. Enough of this but you hopefully get the drift!

Twigging the root cause of the problem the Job Centre chap suggested (somewhat off the record) that in situations like this self employment and working from home were options to consider thus getting “J” of the debtors to society list. Job Centre Chap told him about his mate that bought a container load of “designer” jeans and then slowly whittled the stock down by flogging them on Ebay. Now I try my best to end blogs with a cutting or formal ending but on this occasion, for once, just for once, I’m actually quite lost for words! Here’s Wiz who didn’t get to come to Paris! She’s got the hump. She’ll get over it when she wants feeding.

Bloody stupid says Wiz of Bedford Bypass.

Bloody stupid says Wiz of Bedford Bypass.

Dig Deep for the Shareholders!

3 Jan

I may have drifted off and missed something but when the railways were privatised in the final days of John Major’s period of screwing the country up the big selling point was that the new owners would be “allowed” to invest in their new assets and we’d end up with a railway network that would make the rest of the world green with envy. And now it looks like despite huge government bungs, dividends and written off debt every year to private operators we, the train users of the UK are once again having dig deeper into the mines of our pockets to get to London or wherever.

Bedford Station is an interesting place from say 6.30am on a weekday as the slow trickle of city workers becomes a mass exodus. You expect to find Bedford totally empty given the enthusiasm to get past the barriers. As we are the beginning of the line it’s reasonably sensible for a bit but by the time you grind into Luton the only thing missing is people sitting on the roof holding onto goats and chickens.



Not long ago I was coming back from Manchester to Milton Keynes, I’ll own up to a flash of bourgeois tendency here and I asked how much it would be to upgrade to first class expecting about £30. I was told I would have to buy a new ticket at a cost of £175 so I looked at the chap expecting an Eric Idle “Nah…only joking” but I got the look of someone who’s just been told they have a terminal illness. I asked him what I got for £175 and he said a slightly comfier seat and a cup of coffee. Not even a smile!

You can see why the canals continue to make a resurgence but one thing that is quite fun about the trains is the unexpectedness of it all, those little added extra’s thrown into to keep you on edge, will you get a seat, will the display boards at Kings Cross stay blank until five minutes before departure causing a stampede to Platform 9 only to find out that the train you are sat on (hurrah) is going to Norwich (Oooooh!) and the one to Bedford is several platforms away and leaves in 3 minutes. Like in that 1980s Runaround kids TV show!

Then we have power and signal failures, weird periods where you just sit in a packed carriage before Finsbury Park for ten minutes with a mumble  coming out of the little speaker. There’s work on the lines so you get to Harlington, wait outside for five minutes in the rain and then all decamp onto a series of double decker buses that have just pulled up (a sort of Dunkirk evacuation feeling)  which take you down to Leagrave adding another half hour to the whole process with sod all chance of a seat. They seem to like doing this when there’s hundreds of football fans heading to Chelsea and it all adds up to the big question of whether you are actually going to get to London or not in time and did you really need to go.

This is why most of the time I drive down there now, I’ve found a nice little spot near Kilburn, takes me about an hour and fifteen minutes then another half on the tube and I’m there, cup of coffee en route and a guaranteed seat. Took Debs and Heather down a couple of month back and it cost all in all about £30 less than if we’d all got the train which defeats the objective of having a rail network somewhat! Gill loves train travel and never seems to have any hassle for some bizarre reason!