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Regarding Henry

9 Feb
Probably the best publicity he's had for some time!

Probably the best publicity he’s had for some time!

You might have picked up on my conspiracy theory (of sorts) which suggests that the Bedford Lib Dems are just going to go through the motions as far as the Bedford and Kempston Parliamentary seat is concerned. It’s a two horse race between Labour and Conservatives, a dullard and a freeloader and the Lib Dem strategy would appear to be to concentrate on their power base of ensuring the Lib Dem Mayor is returned plus his coterie of councillors. The Labour group are behaving themselves and not lifting a finger that might upset the Mayor thus ensuring that they retain the ability to influence policy and bag rather tasty expenses.

I was wondering as to the Lib Dems candidate for the 2015 general election and when they’d get round to choosing the sap, I must have either blinked, been watching telly or otherwise distracted as it seems they chose some fresh faced typical laboratory cloned chap called Mahmud Henry Rogers about five months back but as far as can tell they’ve been keeping him under wraps since and his single utterance has been to “campaign” (i.e. in a press release)  against the closure of A&E up at the hospital along with all the other MP hopefuls plus a talk with the local CND Group. Wow!.

What is also noticeable is that whilst we have had the odd low key Lib Dem MP popping by for the photo opportunity we haven’t as yet had any big names. The insipid Clegg himself has visited in previous years but as his popularity is on a par with Somali pirates I would imagine his telephone calls asking to be invited to Bedford are being ignored.

Anyway here’s Mahmud Henry Rogers doing what Lib Dems do best and posing for a photo! If anyone spots him lurking around trying to get his pic taken anywhere else please let us know!