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Mahmud Henry Rogers: Twat of the week!

10 Mar

Top notch scintalating edge of your chair action in Bedford as five of our wannabe MPs come together for a sort of low value brand “Question Time”. Complete and total fuckwit of all time award goes to the Liberal Democrat Mahmud Henry Rogers (unshaven with the yellow tie) who came out with the following two statements

“Mr Rogers admitted he had come to change his mind on the issue of student tuition fees, following the Lib Dems’ famous dropping of their stance against the policy in coalition negotiations following the 2010 general election. He had also changed from someone who had carried a placard against fees to one who had “grown to forgive Nick Clegg.” Good job or he wouldn’t have got the nomination! Creeping spineless gobshite!

The Famous Five!

The Famous Five!

It gets better… Mr Rogers had also experienced a change of heart on the issue of Bedford’s directly elected mayor.  “Liberals are suspicious of concentrations of power but this has worked well,” he said.  In case you don’t know the current mayor is a Liberal Democrat and if Mahmud upsets the Mayor you never know what might not happen.

Now read that again. Go on! Start at the “Mr Rogers admitted”  bit Now go and heave up your beans in the nearest bucket! What a pile of heavily soiled pungent nappies! An arsehole visible from space!

The panellists were also asked what they would do if they had their time in education again. Dr Foley from the Green Party thought about it for three hours said he would study computers and social responsibility; Mr Fuller said “physics” but added that he had been “rubbish” at it. You get the idea they are just having a giggle don’t you!

Mr Hall said he would go into engineering while Mr Henry said law and statistics interested him. We must chat about this over a pint Henry as you sound like a real good night out!

I would have thought given that they either want to get on or stay on the gravy train they would have said politics.

The bloke from UKIP didn’t seem to say much of any real interest. Mind you neither did the others but when it comes to spouting sewage and bile the Liberal Democrat was light years ahead of everyone else!


The Labour Lady Vanishes!

20 Nov

A tragedy! After mounting a vigorous campaign against a half soaked Liberal Democrat Mayor the Labour Party Candidate resigns leaving her colleagues including Labour Councillors devastated that their er…vigorous campaigns, their expose’s of the Mayor and his cronies, day in day out there on the stump promising a way out of the financial mess, well it’s all come to naught. Don’t get too excited this isn’t Bedford. Just a bit of me dreaming!

No..what has happened in Bedford though is that Penny Fletcher the Labour Mayoral candidate has resigned after 10 months of following Patrick Hall (Labour wannabe MP for Bedford) and tacky photo opportunities stating family and work commitments as the reason. So with the election looming they’ve got to find some other braveheart to fight their lackluster cause.

The Lady That Vanished!

The Lady That Vanished!

Let’s surmise here. You don’t get elected these days without getting your name about at every opportunity. In Bedford a Mayoral candidate would piggy back on the work and leaflets of local Councillors as they tear vociferously into the activities of the Liberal Democrat Mayor Dave Hodgson. They’d be in town arguing for a better future. And therein rests a problem in that three of the most senior Labour Councillors are well and truly a part of the Mayors Cabinet, his inner circle and therefore part of the whole decision making process, each and every cut, job loss, and closed service embraced by them. I won’t mention the expenses side of things, the circa £20,000 plus that they get for joining in the sterling work of the Mayor. As for the rest of the Labour Group they appear to have mastered the secret of invisibility!

Penny and Patrick are supporting such a such a blah de blah de ZZZZZZZZZ!

Penny and Patrick are supporting such a such a blah de blah de ZZZZZZZZZ!

So I don’t know if this conundrum had any influence on Penny’s opting out but as far as active high profile campaigning went, well it didn’t. Ian Nicholls who is chair of some Labour forum for something bland and uninspiring has said “Bedford needs a strong Labour voice at its helm to fulfill our ambitions for a fairer more prosperous borough.” Couched words given that for the most part the Labour Group has taken a vow of silence when it comes to the current Mayor. I can only assume that they are so impressed with what he’s achieved and their muted stance is nothing to do with their allowances which as I’ve said before is more than a front line care nurse wiping the dribble from an 84 year old Alzheimer’s sufferer’s mouth earns.

Word from within Borough Hall tells me that the Labour Group rather than opt out of their snuggly coalition (Lib Dem and Labour), refuse their expenses, dig their red flags out and get on with the fight for a Labour Candidate have opted to stay “at one” with the Mayor for the foreseeable future. So over to you, work it out for yourself.