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Why go to the circus!

23 May

For all the world you would think that something as simple as employing someone for a low ranking post would be straightforward!

News from a dusty council office in Dunstable comes our way. Apparently Central Bedfordshire Council are trying to recruit someone to help put schoolkids on the daily bus so they took an ad out in the local Herald and Post. They forgot to tell people how to apply instead putting a phone number and email address down of someone for an informal natter. Now its all been a bit rushed as the closing day is tomorrow and it seems like anyone wanting the opportunity of work has, in the absence of the correct route been sending CVs in which isn’t allowed as you have to have the right form!

Quite interesting in a nerdy sort of way in that Councils have all manner of rules to make recruitment fair and equal and all this does is screw things up right from the start.
I wonder if they’ll have to start the whole process off again!

On a similar theme, a year or so back I got word that Council officers were literally allowed to place external adverts wherever they wanted, so if you choose wisely and put a lower scale job on say £23,000 in a national journal or on a specialist technical website you aren’t going to get too many applicants interested in relocating and you smoothly eliminate much of the local population. This makes it much easier to spoon your mates in!

Now I was on the recieving end of complaints from no leas than three people in this instance all of which pointed to manipulative use of the councils recruitment policy to, er…fairly and squarly make sure that jobs went to favoured applicants to the point where one of the chosen few was wandering around telling people that the cat was in the bag. I let it out!

Jobs for the boys and girls in this case!