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The Wednesday Competition!

24 Jun

Like we said this is the “new look” Bedford Bypass and to try and maintain your attention and get the hit rates back up again after our…er…their spring break….and our negotiations to purchase the blog…we are having a great competition. It’s just over a month, maybe five weeks since the Liberal Democrats were trounced, humiliated, leathered, wallied, ridiculed, decimated, battered senseless and general given a good old swifty to the bollocks followed by a repeated pounding in the general area of where their bollocks once were! Lovely wasn’t it! The pain on Cleggs face….oooh! Crawling, bootlicking crack smelling odious TWATS! Ex Bedford Borough Lib Dem Councillor and ex Weightwatchers groupie Dan Rogerson now an ex MP! Punch the air!!!!!

Bedroom Tax….Yes Nick Clegg, austerity rammed up our back ends and you just looked sad and nodded it through!

Anyway back to the fab competition with the top prize being a bag of Vegan chocolate Ooojah Boojah chocolates from Norwich. Or it might be a box! But what a prize it is….All you have to do is study the below photograph and in there you may be able to spot Nick Clegg and his remnants of his Liberal Democrats party. They are there but be warned, to make things a tad harder we asked 100 of Bedford Bypass pals to wear Nick Clegg masks and shuffle about looking gutted, lost, defeated, searching for Prozac and the rest of it! So go on and have a go! Just circle Nick Clegg and the rest of the insignificant TWATS!

Spot Nick Clegg

Spot Nick Clegg

Remember only one entry per person, remember to write your name address, burglar alarm code and credit card details on the back. We regret that we can’t return your entry unless you include £5! In case of a tie break please list your favorite three regular characters from Bedford Bypass! And another £5. Good luck!


Car Wars or maybe Stay Wars

11 Dec

From time to time we pop along the Bedford Bypass to the south of the County. Always something comical happening close to Cllr Richard Stay who has been a Councillor for Bedfordshire and now Central Bedfordshire since the Mary Rose first sailed. Richard shown below and looking quite a chubby boy has been championing action against nasty orrid car drivers / owners that park on grass verges because they are nasty and orrid. In fact here’s a prime example of how nasty and orrid they can be. There’s only one snag this being that the car in question is Cllr Richard Stay’s complete with personalised status symbol number plate to show how important and precious he thinks he is. For the “Directors Cut” of this item take a peek at http://www.caddingtonvillagenews.com/ where there are biggerer pictures and much much more!

“Of Course Parking On a Grass Verge is Unacceptable Say’s Cllr Richard Stay”

And it's not even his house, he's parked on his neighbors verge!

And it’s not even his house, he’s parked on his neighbors verge!

Of course regular readers of Bedford Bypass will be aware that we have featured the cuddly Councillor before. I’ve long found him to be totally arrogant and an irritant, two faced and he sits on his best one. When he was on the County Council I advised him that a particular project was being seriously mishandled and nothing happened. The eventual outcome was the project folded with sod all to show for it except a £3million black hole much of which had gone on consultants. And that’s doesn’t include NIRAH

You do wonder why these people get re-elected time after time but I gather our pals from Caddington Village News are up for a bit of serious opposition and Patrick’s wife Christine is standing against him. Poke him off his perch folks! Stay 2

One more time with feeling, here’s a well worthy link and its much better than our blog!


Stay Close to the Police!

6 Aug

In case you missed our blog last week which was slightly tongue in cheek there’s been a very interesting apology of sorts and payment of damages (and eventual costs) awarded to a couple called Patrick and Christine Smith who live in Caddington down at the bottom of Central Bedfordshire. Patrick and Christine were arrested in 2010 after complaints of harassment were levelled by Cllr Richard Stay. The actions of the arresting police officers would shock most people but only if you’ve never had to deal with the true underlying behaviour of the police and I’m saying this the day after the Ian Tomlinson apology.

Stay and friend!

Stay and friend!

In both cases there was a clear line of police lies, bogus statements and deceit!

In the Bedfordshire case (and given the atrocious on street attack on Ian Tomlinson by a copper with a dodgy track record, please don’t think I’m making a direct comparison) it seems that an attempt was made to gag the two complainants to keep the rest of us in the dark, both resisted!

There’s another murky tale in here in that in a related strand Patrick who does the wonderful Caddington Parish News received an email from a councillor colleague asking for information and access to the CVNS restricted pages, believing he knew the councillor making the request he duly obliged and forwarded the documents. It later turned out to be a bogus email so in the melting pot we have someone impersonating a local government official by stealing the councillors identity to obtain information by deception, a clear criminal act, phone the police.

Now these documents ended up in the possession of one Cllr Richard Stay and it was only when Bedfordshire Police realised that Patrick and Christine were not easily shoved about that plod started to back peddle and started trying to soften them up by accepting the email story, and also the complaints from the councillor who was a victim with Patrick as the Editor of the CVNS news website.

A police letter was drafted to Cllr Richard Stay but to date Patrick has seen no reply or concession from Stay nor for that matter has he seen any evidence that the letter was actually sent.
There was also a letter sent from a solicitor representing the councillor who’s identity was used direct to Cllr Richard Stay asking him to give information as to how he came to have the illegally obtained documents, that was near over a year ago and Stay has never responded. Incidentally the “hacked” councillor happens to live right next door to Cllr Stay but no polite word over the hedge!.

So the conundrum here is that Stay who at one time was a prospective runner for the Police Crime and Commissioner position (albeit briefly) makes a complaint to plod, they go rushing round and make arrests, this is followed by fabricated statements that are totally contradictory with home CCTV footage, an arresting officer due to be investigated resigns, plod refuses to reply to correspondence from Patrick’s solicitors letter but eventually throws the towel in and gets the cheque book out.

Sadly he soon withdrew his nomination!

Sadly he soon withdrew his nomination!

The two people at the eye of the storm make a formal complaint to plod about the email “blagging” and plod opts not to pursue the matter. Cllr Richard Stay gets possession of documents obtained under dubious and criminal circumstances and no one can seem to establish how he got them and more to the point who exactly was responsible for the email deception! , Patrick did provide documents to the police that would identify the offender yet plod has yet to act upon them. So some people can get the police jumping up and down immediately, others have to work, dig, write, shout and nail jelly to the wall and plod stays very quiet!

Was it ever sent?

Was it ever sent?

Cllr Richard Stay….yet again!

23 May
A letter to Cllr Richard Stay

A letter to Cllr Richard Stay

The above letter is from 2011 and needs to be viewd in conjunction with further substantial info on the Caddington Village News website, link below! Let me gather my thoughts…I think it was 2007. I was working for Bedfordshire County Council and had become very aware that three officers these being Andrew Smith, Tracey Harris and Ben Finlayson (the latter two still being employed by Central Bedfordshire) were rather naively trying to rush a planning application for an incinerator at Stewartby whilst wilfully failing to consult the public or advise elected councillors. Crass and stupid, both Harris and Finlayson proved themslves to be easily manipulated!
As part of my course of action, I was advised that even though he came across as an obnoxious git of some considerable magnitude Cllr Richard Stay had expressed similar concerns so I had a word with him advsing that Andrew Smith was a professional Fuckwit. Stay despite being made aware that there was a real storm brewing reported me for insubordination.

Right to reply offered Cllr Stay..go on, you know you want to!

Right to reply offered Cllr Stay..go on, you know you want to!

The story hit the media with a combined bit of work Susan Gaszack, a local Lib Dem Cllr and myself!
The end result was a severe embarrassment for the Conservative run council who had spent well over a £1million on the scheme only to see it go down the drain!
I’ve never trusted Richard Stay, never seen any merit in his presence and can’t for the life of me work out why he constantly gets re-elected.
I’ll say no more than that but would like to offer all readers the opportunity to read a letter from Bedfordshire Police to the rotund egg on legs and if it takes your fancy you might enjoy a look at Caddington Village News where Master of Ceremonies Patrick has posted a saga very worthy of Private Eye. It’s complicated but very worth the time!


Union Blues (2)

3 Feb

I know how Stephen Hester feels losing his massive bonus and Mr Fred having his “Sir” removed . I was invited to the local UNISON branch AGM in a few weeks, now I’ve been uninvited. I’ve had issues not with the union more with the ineffectiveness of the local Branch Secretary (Lesley Gilson) and her team who have on numerous occasions been very slow at supporting their members in times of crisis.

The Central Beds Branch are all seconded to their cosy office as part of the bargaining agreement between the union and Central Beds Council and the cost to the taxpayer is according to Cllr Richard Stay over a £million a year. Now I’m all for this providing that workers actually get what they pay for through their subs but as with all “insurance” you don’t get to find out how crap it is until your front rooms flooded or in this case, you get sacked because your employer wants to replace you with agency staff.
Back to the local UNISON meeting, I always enjoy the magazine which arrives regularly plus all the gumph from the branch however I’ve not been a members for some five years yet each year I get asked to go to the annual meeting and the end result is that Lesley Gilson get’s re-elected and then her members end up having their phone calls ignored and end up going to disciplinary meetings without being given advice. I do wonder how many other “ghosts” the branch have on their books!
I’ve pointed out this rather abysmal attitude to Paul Farley who is the UNION regional bloke and Paul’s way of dealing with this, and the suggestion that I might attend the AGM has obviously rattled him as he’s written to me saying I can’t go. Nerny Nerny Ner Ner!
I’ve responded to Paul who in conversation appears to be a reasonable sort to point out that with union membership falling there might be a relationship between this and (as an example) the way they seem unwilling to support their distant members i.e. those that don’t work for Central Beds but still need them when they get told that they are surplus to requirements.

Trouser wettingly funny!

27 Oct

We’ve mentioned Central Beds Council’s Richard Stay who has created an alter ego blog called Richard Stay before. It really is pant wetting, sore ribs material. Whereas the real Cllr Richard Stay is loved by all, compassionate and caring, the blog based alter ego comes across as a real right wing bigotted gob!

Just looked at his latest outpouring, the alter ego is going on about Dale Farm, the St Pauls protest and something weird about the eurozone crisis and prostitutes which I can only guess must be a Conservative in joke.

There’s even a dig at Luton. Now as locals know, technically Luton Hoo isn’t in Luton proper but its smack bang up against the border. Now the alter ego has taken the hump against this as Luton Hoo is posh and the Queen honeymooned there apparently whilst Luton is like a inner London suburb even to the point of the same design of terraced housing. Richard Stray tries to make the point that putting Luton Hoo as part of Luton is liked putting Leeds Castle in Kent as part of Leeds.

THis is the fun of the alter ego, its all total bollocks, fun in the extreme and we love Richard Stay for being being a real pompous prick. We also adore Cllr Richard Stay for being so nice, oozing charm and respect for one and all!

Here he is again looking like Gene Hunt from Life on Mars!