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More Anarchists in The Boardroom

24 Jun

Pay someone a pittance you purchase their arms and legs, pay someone a decent wage you get their mind, treat them like a person and you get their heart….as heard in similar form on Radio 4 last night as they looked at alternative structures for workplace management with mention given to “flat hierarchies!

Anarchists in The Boardroom

Anarchists in The Boardroom

Hierarchies = chains of command. I pay I say You do!. Some businesses are “machine” and some are “people” That doesn’t necessarily fall to the ground where you would expect in that some of the most “brutal” managers I’ve come across have been in local government, often adept at working the situation to their financial benefit and ending up with quite extraordinary power over people and process. Those above them see them as crucial those below as belligerent idiots and are forced to spend their day covering their backs when they could in different days be developing their own potential to everyone’s benefit!

As an anarchist I have an engrained mistrusting attitude to authority and have it seems without fully appreciating it always attempted to introduce anarchist principles into the way I conduct myself and relate to others so even though I “nestle” in workplace hierarchies I’ve always shaped things, tried to temper my attitude to senior managers that have no social skills or those that it seems can despite reams of policy statements on harassment get away with the most awful treatment of those below them. Any milk today mistress?

Bypass has rightfully praised the book “Anarchists in the Boardroom” by Liam Barrington Bush and Liam will be speaking on said topics at the glorious Housmans Bookshop which is five minutes stroll from St Pancras station on the Caledonian Road. It starts at 7.00pm this Wednesday 25th June! That’s London by the way!

Books that hold great potential need to be mentioned as often as possible in order to reach as wide an audience as possible. Quite simple really. We came across Anarchists in The Boardroom through the monthly New Internationalist magazine, liking the review we took a random chance and the success of the crowd-funded publication comes I guess through not only its contents but by sustained word of mouth! Ripe strawberry’s Ripe!

If anyone fancies joining us as we head downtown, body rocking to a southbound rhythm to London, land of Pearly Kings and Queens, dancing chimney sweeps clambering over rooftops and where people break out into wonderfully choreographed song and dance routines* at the drop of a hat we aim to be boarding a 5.30pm (ish) train from Sandy station! Who will by my seet red roses two blooms for a penny|!

*Sorry, when I was a kid I thought this is what London was actually like! Step in time boys, step in time!

Take the hint, consider buying a copy!

Take the hint, consider buying a copy!