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Conservative Candidate Goes into Hiding!

12 Mar

Bedford Conservative’s candidate for the Mayoral election is undertaking a sponsored hide between now and election day to help raise funds! This novel move by Jas Parmar will see the former policeman, former candidate for the Police Commissioner job and former Borough Councillor hiding up and not being seen whilst the rest of the hopefuls will be  going around disturbing people trying to watch the local news.

Jas meets Nadine Dorries's elderly mum before he went into hiding!

Jas meets Nadine Dorries’s elderly mum before he went into hiding!

A spokesperson for Mr Parmar who hasn’t been seen standing next to anyone famous for some considerable time said “Even we don’t know where he is which shows how much his extensive training at merging into the background has paid off”

Senior Tories believe that the “man of mystery” tag will engender support in that apart from not being seen Mr Parmar is also keeping very quiet on what he will do if he gets elected Mayor of Bedford. When asked if this was a winning tactic the spokesperson who doesn’t want to be named for fear of being told off said “The question of where he is and what exactly he is up to…this sense of wonderment.. if it can be turned into votes he should have the red coat and chains in the bag!

Experts however fear that if the tactic fails Jas Parmar could go the same way as previous Tory hopeful John Guthrie who believed that spending most of his time drinking tea in posh rural houses talking to the converted would propel him to the hot seat in Borough Hall!

Always in the background!

Always in the background!


Man in the Shadows

21 Nov

It looks like the Conservatives round Bedford are struggling to find the enthusiasm to engage with the great unwashed even though they aren’t on the current Mayor’s cabinet and therefore not on the payroll. The chap with the turban is Jas Parmar and he’s the Conservative Mayoral candidate for next year scrap. Despite my extremely jaundiced view of and hostility towards Cameron and his cut-throats Jas is actually very affable. But he’s not going to get anywhere if all he can do to generate publicity is grin in the background when a total donkey like Boris Johnson calls into Bedford.

Bystander Jas just in the picture

Bystander Jas just in the picture

The bloke in the middle is current MP Richard Fuller who’s probably going to lose to be replaced by the embarrassingly dull Labour candidate Patrick Hall. Maybe?  Richard looks set to return to his full time business in the financial industry. Something he will find easy as despite being an MP he’s carried on working his socks off for huge sums of money despite being an MP.

Talking of which despite the town and surroundings being littered with closed down pubs and no end of evidence that the breweries are shafting their tenant landlords both Richard Fuller and Alistair Burt MP who cover much of North Bedfordshire voted against a recent bill that having been passed will prevent breweries over charging for cheap lager.

Photo-shop presents wonderful opportunities!

Photo-shop presents wonderful opportunities!

The comical thing about Bedford is that there are two tory MPs yet a Lib Dem Mayor. Labour may win the Bedford seat but will struggle to make a dent against the Lib Dem Mayor, an increasingly likely option given that they don’t have a candidate. Jas Parmar should in theory stand some chance of giving the current Mayor sleepless nights but given his track record up to now…well! All three sides have succumbed to mind rotting apathy.

Look! I’m not taking sides, I don’t care who wins but I want to see them work for it. It’s good to watch a bun fight from the wings and it’s also somewhat funny watching them squirm and screw things up so the next six months or so should be far better than the crap served up on telly.

Penny, Dullard Patrick and some anonymous MP at Bedford Station.

Penny, Dullard Patrick and some anonymous MP at Bedford Station.

Caption Time…again!

19 Jun

Here we go again. A picture that just cries out for a witty caption. Trouble is the more I look at it the more I appreciate that Messrs Fuller and Pickles might well be just laughing at us!

Bypass Fuller and Pickles This for casual “bypassers” is Richard Fuller MP for Bedford and Kempston having a good old chortle with professional lardy boy Eric Pickles who makes the term “double chin” a compliment. One thing that they may well be guffawing about is Labour’s choice to fight the Bedford and Kempston seat next year…step forward professional bore and total gawp Patrick Hall who after being on the payroll from 1997 to 2010 has got bored at home and wants to stroll the corridors of power again. Given his track record I’d suggest his talents are better utilized selling double glazing or conservatories door to door or something similar where he might at least brighten someone’s day! They could be in fits of rapture at the way local Labour councillors swallowed their pride, pocketed the expenses and have stayed as quite as ickle mice since 2010 apart from the odd Mayor sanctioned soundbite!

Yes! That’s another possibility. Or maybe Pickles has heard that Fuller has started getting all manner of financial support from some interesting sources, some from capital investment companies including one that still lists him as a paid advisor, one from Fuller’s previous employer and oddly enough one from Lord Stanley Kalms who got dirty looks a few years back because of his support for UKIP. I wonder why Stanley has taken up Bedford’s case? All a bit odd but yes maybe that’s why these two cheerful chaps are having the gigglefits! Fuller seems to be building his war chest up for the big day next year and very well he’s doing!

The turban wearing chap in the background is Jas Parmar. Now I like Jas and its not often I extend compliments to politicians but when I have spoke with him he seems a genuinely likeable guy even if he’s a tory. He’s the Conservative candidate for Mayor next time round having lost out to be Police Commissioner two years back. Given the arse that Olly Martins has made of the job I dare say Jas could have done a better job but he comes across maybe as hungry for a position of importance. The trouble is for Mr Parmar is that he’s sharing a picture (just about) with Eric Pickles and Richard Fuller both of whom I regard as being as much “in touch” with Bedford and the issues facing its populace  as Cameron, Duncan Smith and that odious Gove weasle. As soon as Fuller (three properties at latest count) voted in line for the Bedroom Tax I had this view that he needed to be ousted back to the comfort of a job with his financial backers Ali Habbas, Hazem Ben Gacem and someone called Iain Evans!

Maybe I’m totally wrong and the only reason they are sniggering is because they know that all they need do to get free publicity is invite the Times and Citizen ( a dire free newspaper) and they’ll bag themselves a plug even if they are just talking about eggs or something mudane!

So good we used it twice!

So good we used it twice!