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Life on Mars! We are Not Alone….or are we?

23 Jun

Yes readers your new look Bedford Bypass aims to be fourth or fifth with news! And we have a hot story with Bedford Bypass being the first bringing you an exclusive of sorts….or least exclusive as far as being the first low rate blog to repeat the story several days after the Daily Express!

It’s true….the NASA Curiosity Rover has sent back a number of intriguing images from Mars which certainly make you think that (to quote Star Trek) “We are not alone”.

Here’s the one that’s causing a fair bit of fuss and to give it its dues I can’t argue that its a pyramid shape. Some of the nationals have referred to it as a UFO. It’s not flying and its not particularly unidentified. Its a big rock and its stationary. So its not a UFO! But it looks good! And its got people going!

Well I'm convinced! That's a pyramid, no doubt about it!

Well I’m convinced! That’s a pyramid, no doubt about it!

But coming hot on the heels of the “pyramid” and the photo shown here has been rejigged a bit (not by us) as the original showed the whole thing to be on a slope and with a proposed scale of about 2cm, there’s more!

Later photo’s appear to show something that could at a push be said to show or at least intimate some kind of ancient settlement. Yes siree, enough evidence in vague lines, shapes and shadows to suggest hat while Mars may be devoid of life now, that may not always have been the case!

Now its all very subjective and some people might look at the image shown below and see something, others may not. And that;s the main problem, if you study the image long enough and if you really want to believe that we are not alone then it’s not hard to make shapes where they don’t exist! We were talking about last week at Bedford Skeptics in The Pub although we were talking about ghosts and not life on Mars so I don’t know why I mentioned this to be honest. Anyway, study the image! Be objective, don’t just “believe” this isn’t X Files, it’s a serious issue, are we the only form of sentient life in the universe, in fact do WE actually count as sentient life or are we merely fooling ourselves! (p.s. Does anybody understand what the fuck Agents of Shield on C5 (Fridays) is about, it started off straightforward but the went skyward…probably to Mars!

Lines in the sand!

Lines in the sand!


Under New Management!

22 Jun

Yes Indeed! After months of negotiation Bedford Bypass is under new ownership! Out with the old and in with the new! No more of this “anarchist” rubbish and dissing our beautiful vibrant town center at every opportunity, the new look Bedford Bypass will be a “down your throat” celebration of all that is good about our pretty riverside town, the one that is beautiful and vibrant!

If it good about Bedford we will publish it!

If it good about Bedford we will publish it!

So what can you expect? Well up and coming features will include interviews with people that make our town what it is and we have lined up on street chats with the rather bored looking traffic warden (or civil enforcement chap) that is assigned to hanging round the bus station waiting to pounce on car driving people that dare stray into places that are forbidden, and we hope to go out on patrol with the Dog Squad that are now fining evil dog walkers who sneer in the face of the law and let Fido wander about! AND IT GETS BETTER… we are like all of you hoping that ex Liberal Democrat Councillor Paul Prescod is acquitted of allegedly sexual assaulting someone by allegedly inserting something somewhere and when his innocence is proven we will be leading the charge to have  him reinserted onto the council! Or should that be “into”? Apparently he didn’t turn up for his court appearance last week!

We will also be showing our support for all our local councillors who do a fantastic job of agreeing with whatever the Mayor says and does, this includes Doug McMurdo who retained his seat despite twatting some young kids…teenagers actually and we all know what they can be like don’t we! We won’t be constantly going on about Councillors expenses…you don’t want to know about Colleen Atkins being paid £16,000 grand for her “job” chairing fire brigade meetings on top of her £20odd grand for supporting the Mayor! No you want good news, like how fantastic the new bus station is now that they’ve fastened a new plastic bit on top that says “Welcome to Bedford”, and the new Tourist Information Centre that is there to say goodbye to all the people going shopping somewhere nice! It’s much better now that they’ve got rid of all the leaflets and historical tat, making it much more functional by concentrating on telling people where to get the bus to Milton Keynes as to be honest it’s not all that clear which bus you have to get on! And one of the X5 Stagecoach Drivers is a bit of a misery guts!

And it’s all change at Police HQ as Chief Constable Paul is moving on after a grand stint in charge of just under two years, almost as long as the one before!  Now then, the last sarcastic dole faced proprietors of Bedford Bypass made the not very funny comment that the Chief Constable changes more frequently than Dr Who which is frankly…very true but misses the point which is that er….well, we will miss her so bye bye Collette (check that this is the right first name before you publish this or you are sacked you zero hours (and zero pay) trainee!

Doing his job to keep us safe!

Doing his job to keep us safe!

And we will be publishing your pictures as it saves having to write stuff and anyway if we promise to publish your pictures the hit rates should go up. Pictures of cats are nice and if you have a nice picture of your nice cat, or your nice neighbors nice cat, or just any random nice cat you come across (preferably alive and not flat at the side of the road) send it to us marked “Nice Cat of the Week” competition and you could win an invite for afternoon tea for two at the Swan Hotel (terms and conditions apply*)!

So there we are, remember there will be updates daily or maybe weekly depending on numerous external factors, and IT’S GOING TO BE GOOD NEWS from now on (or until further notice) so keep coming back!

We will at a push accept nice pictures of nice puppies!

We will at a push accept nice pictures of nice puppies!


(Competition Terms and Conditions: If you win with a nice picture of a nice cat we will send you the invite but the actual cost of the afternoon tea is down to you. It’s a bit pricey, I took Abigail there when she left, you get a brew, a few biscuits that looked to have been made by under fives and that funny lumpy sugar, and where we sat stank of chlorine from the spa)



Bedford Corn Exchange! An increasingly non profit making venue!

28 Jan

The latest brochure for Bedford’s Corn Exchange has just landed on my desk. I wish it hadn’t. I was feeling quite positive up until this juncture. Go on then I said to myself, let’s have a look!

To save time there’s a sort of “At a Glance” page at the end called “Diary At A Glance at which point I’ll confess that as there’s sod all of even the remotest interest in the brochure I’m padding this blog out with random thoughts!

Tough if I wanted to see “New Year in Vienna 2015” or the Philharmonia Orchestra or Bedford Comedy Club as all the dates have gone although the new brochure has only just appeared in the tourist info rack. The first two events appeal to me as much as root canal surgery and I’ve heard very mixed reviews as to the calibre of the comedy to the point where it was suggested a complaint be made to Trading Standards but let’s have a look what is still to come!

Ebola comes across as more fun!

Ebola comes across as more fun!

There’s a night of “Songs that Won the War” on Feb 4th though I always thought is was soldiers and huge loss of life, the photo is enough to make you wince and turn the page over where you will see a Mister Buster Bloodvessel of group Bad Manners and boy does he look rough. No thanks. One…maybe two at a push hit wonders with “Lip Up Fatty” and The Can Can from 30odd years back. Welcome back to Bedford.

Buster is coming to Bedford, that's why he's terrified!

Buster is coming to Bedford, that’s why he’s terrified!

Wow! Talking Quality…Alan Carr tops up his pension plan with a tour of every Crap Town in the UK (& Ireland). Bedford on 22nd Feb and if you miss this one or can’t get enough of his sense of humour which is on a par with sciatica he’s also coming to Cambridge (twice), Milton Keynes, Northampton (twice) and most bizarrely the post apocalyptic Dunstable which really is a shit hole of such spectacularly low quality! So much so that it puts Bedford on the same level as Florence!

26th Feb..a Neil Diamond tribute. I thought the basic element was that the tributer had to carry a passing resemblance to the original but not in this case. £20.00! And on it goes…zzzzz! Then another tribute, this time it’s Michael Jackson and according to the blurb it will have you believing for just a moment…that it’s really him. No it won’t. He’s dead, not coming back..not even as a zombie with bits of bone showing through..which reminds me, there was a programme on telly a few weeks back called The Autopsy of Michael Jackson which sadly I missed but a very radical opportunity to see Jackson being dissected I imagine. I hope “his” kids didn’t stay up as they might have found it distressing but much more interesting than when they cut the elephant up.

Buster tribute act! Can you name the film?

Buster tribute act! Can you name the film?

And that’s about it! No Hawkwind which we enjoyed and no Psychic Sally although she’s still doing the other venues and will turn up in the autumn when Bedford is bleak and miserable instead of now when Bedford is bleak….And they wonder why the Council is losing money and takings are far less than what they promised!

Creating your own landscape!

15 Jan

We are anarchists, we do not embrace day to day political structures but we know people who do. We have a soft but maybe radical edge, you can decide on this, the pen, the jape, the occasional shout and a cup of tea are our preferred options, they may or may not be yours. We are sometimes dreamers, doodlers and psychogeographers, sometimes not. We all share a passion for the edgelands and urban green routes that are a place for reflection and dreaming. Places where for a short time we can breathe and become more than just economic entities, where structures of the nearby town fade for a moment and you discern the past!

Where you are not allowed to exist!

Where you are not allowed to exist!

We are merely a small band of urbane enthusiasts, renegades from northern climes, born in Bedford types, amateurs and latter day wanderers, passionate observers of urban living, surviving alleys, forgotten walls from deceased building to the green fields beyond, the social cultural and built environment punctuated by sirens and screams and forgotten children playing with forgotten toys. We believe that none of these singularities exist in seclusion but rely on each other to flourish and foster and create the living pulsing backdrop that is our home. The effects may be positive or negative and we believe that ridding society of its malaise requires simple cooperation not votes. We strongly recommend you think for yourself!

Although seek and ye shall find a way in!

Although seek and ye shall find a way in!

We believe that the recent past and its rich variety of the grand and the ordinary, cherished and neglected buildings, bridges, underpasses, lost nooks and crannies continue to play a part in our shared consciousness and sense of identity, continue to influence who we are and remind us of how we worked, rested and played. All towns and cities have an unwritten history, ghosts yet to be born, rhythms, secret places with secret heartbeats.

We will continue to create a real space for discussing, engaging and enjoying, perhaps occasionally even campaigning for, the multilayered complexities of life, comfortable and egalitarian for some harsh ruthless and destructive for others.

We will continue to meet, gather, speculate, mooch, amble, flaneur (look it up) drift / derive (and this as well) collaborate, connect, gently protest and point at naked kings when we see fit. We will speculate, agitate, ruminate, publicize, dream and dream again over afternoon tea on walks, talks and various outings.

Where wonders wait to be rediscovered! Squalor as art...

Where wonders wait to be rediscovered! Squalor as art…

All we need is for you to keep looking at what we have to say, get in touch but only if you want to, make us believe you exist, keep us informed of your events and activities across and around Bedford and its majestic Bypass that countenance reveries of better places and we promise to create some of our own for your appreciation. Did I tell you we are anarchists?

Gill, Debs, Steve, Mon Pierre, and Skip!

Chancellors Autumn Statement Explained Simply!

4 Dec

Confused by what you have heard? Stamp duty? Meaning what when you live in rented property, working in public service? Well let us explain what the whole thing will probably mean to you…

And where’s Nick Clegg when all this is going on?

Coming soon to a street corner near you!

Coming soon to a street corner near you!

GOTHAM? Riveting Viewing On a Monday Night!

28 Oct

Well then…did you see Gotham last night? Channel 5 at 9.00pm Nope!!!! Well neither did I. I intended to. I really did! But I thought I’d watch Panorama on BBC which started at 8.00pm. It usually lasts an hour. Perfect!

A dark city where even darker deeds occur!

A dark city where even darker deeds occur!

Riveting. A two hour dissection of the Haringey Council and the Baby P affair with more villains coming out of the woodwork than anything Gotham could offer. Dodgy misinformation from the Police. Ed Balls clearly trying to wriggle his way out of any responsibility. ZOK! The Sun organising a witch hunt, blame, violent anger, broken lives, David Cameron using the opportunity to his advantage and talking utter dribble and a small number of people being hounded by a mob who preferred to go for the easiest option of accusation rather than seeking out root causes (chronic underfunding) and rectification (increased funding). KERRANG! That’s putting it very simply and in amongst this melting pot was the earlier Victoria Climbie case the fall out of which made working for social services in Haringey as appealing as hand washing ebola safety clothing. BAM!

A kick to the Balls!

A kick to the Balls!

Highlight of the programme was the Met Police having failed to fulfil their obligations and ignoring obvious warning signs being exposed as having briefed ravenous journalists that the real bogey men were social service. KAPPOW! Posh boy Cameron popped up going on about a feckless 17 year old mum on benefits and incompetent social workers. She was 28 and OFSTED had just found Haringey to have made substantial improvements. Ballsy had a go at Cameron and was then shown trying his best to stay mates with The Sun! Sycophantic parasites the both of them! And The Sun..well!

Kerrack!!!!Worst of all was that Doctor (wearing a head scarf) so clearly not one of the gang as far as The Sun was concerned ! BIFF! She examined Baby P and failed to…FAILED TO notice he had a broken back. She failed! Ooooh it got Sun readers lathered up. But then a highly qualified doctor comes along and states categorically that having examined Peter’s small corpse the spinal damage occurred after the doctors examination. That nugget escaped the Sun pitchfork wielding mob. The doctors life collapsed. Total! It woz that Sun wot dun it! WHAM! Also ignored was the fact that an Ofsted report praising Haringey for the turnaround of its care service was conveniently shelved in eventual favour of one that was much more lurid and damning. Cue more anger from The Sun.

Twat! Serious twat!

Twat! Serious twat!

And then a heavily compromised and rushed report on potential failures of Haringey turns out to have been through 14 re-writes with the final versions being worked on by people not involved in the investigation. And all to suit one purpose. Ballsy turns up at a press conference and “sacks” Sharon Shoesmith. THWACK! Even though she doesn’t work for him. I’ve been told not to use bad language but Ed Balls really is bag of luke warm cow shit!

The previously highly regarded Mrs Shoesmith without any help from Batman and having to put up with death threats from Sun readers digs away at the mountain of lies and in true superhero fashion starts to be able to play a part in exposing a whole series of lies, deceptions, atrocious attempts to denigrate and boost paper sale. KERRUNCH! Sharon Shoesmith admitted failures in an open manner and she emerged from the sad story as having integrity which is more than can be said for Balls!

OOYAH! And that was it. Two hours of exceptional high quality investigative journalism giving people damaged by vested interests and a culture of connivance the chance to be heard. I recall at the time feeling overwhelming sadness but aware that people who may have been able to help identify corporate failures were being hung out to dry when it was very clear that they had gone into Haringey at a time when most people were leaving. SPLATT! Some agencies like the Govt with Balls in departmental charge and the Police clearly aware of their failings sought not to sit round the table but to stitch others up and retreat into the wings. Saddest of all was the fact that Sharon Shoesmith and colleagues were able to state that what happened to Baby Peter wasn’t an isolated incident from the view of front line professionals. Neither the first nor last! And as the credits rolled after an absorbing two hours the basic facts and figures on how many children had died in similar circumstances just made me numb!

Sharon Shoesmith! Integrity, commitment and compassion there for all to see!

Sharon Shoesmith! Integrity, commitment and compassion there for all to see!

Gotham is repeated on Friday. This Panorama needs top be repeated every night till we all realise the extent to which we are misinformed!

The Morning After…Scotland Decided!

20 Sep

Come on, own up! We’ve all done it haven’t we? Got a bit merry late at night, that drop of Islay single malt too much, gone on Amazon, bought the entire Pink Floyd back catalogue remastered, woke up the day after…vague memories…OH BLOODY HELL, WHAT WAS I THINKING ABOUT…

I bet Dave Cameron’s feeling much the same as he regrets offering every Scottish resident a free bike, tickets to the seventh Star Wars film and so on…

I wonder what it all cost?

I wonder what it all cost?

I started off in the “no” camp but firmly aware that it had sod all to do with me. No fan of the union itself more a case that there’s more unites or with those over the border, the second one and not the original one. I started off dubious about Alex Salmond but by the end he’d emerged as a very capable speaker and I can’t fault him on that!

What has been fun is watching politicians filling their troosers in a state of panic. Miliband getting mobbed and looking quire bewildered, even more so than usual, Clegg has been notably absent, Faridge is on the prowl and we look set to get either one big argument about where exactly power rests or a huge shake up that might lead us all nowhere or may, just may result in those at the top of tree getting poked from their tree…one thing I know is that simply voting and letting the likes of Nadine Dorries decide your future will not suffice and you..yes you! don’t look round I’m talking DIRECTLY TO YOU…start thinking for yourself! Hail Eris!


Anarchist Secret Plan to Infiltrate Bedford Borough Council

19 Sep

Piece of cake actually! Seriously….simply follow these instructions!

1) Go to Borough Hall, go up to the desk on the right, best when it’s busy, sign in and pick up a badge from the box on the counter, sign in under Vlad Marcos, Sir Nathan Cuthberty is something daft! Nobody batted an eyelid when I did it!

2) Go up the stairs in front of you, whilst pretending to be on your phone chatting away just wait until someone comes down and swipes the glass “half door” barrier open, smile and go through. Turn right into the lounge and hang around to go in the members lounge OR…stay near the glass barrier and when ready turn left, up the stairs towards the double lift!

3) Wait near the lift and again whilst pretending to be talking to someone simply wait till the lift doors open OR if feeling energetic wait till the doors to the staircase are open by someone coming through.

4) You are now in the main building. Floors one and two, a bit scabby and tired! Floor three, Where Phil Simpkins and the Mayor are to be found by turning right. Very posh, they have their priorities right don’t they! Floor four….yawn….Floor five, marginally better. You are now on the top floor so turn left and head all the way along to the second lift, look as if you have every right to be there and when you get to the lift head through the doors and up the stairs( there’s a service floor above the lift) and hey presto through an unlocked door I’m on the roof! They have solar panels…and dead pigeons No one’s batted an eyelid. I could be a terrorist but I’m just a plain old lady anarchist! Jolly and sweet, nice enough to eat! I pretend I’m slightly lost so ask a nice young man how to get to the members lounge and he offers to take me down!

5) Leave by either ground floor exit points or take a detour via a service corridor in the basement (I’ll try this next time) but don’t hand the pass card in, there’s no number on it anyway. Go past Stewart Briggs on the way out! I hear his pension will be quite tidy when the time comes!

Guards, barriers, doors, but still so very easy to wander about last xxxxday afternoon at 2.30pm!

Guards, barriers, doors, but still so very easy to wander about last xxxxday afternoon at 2.30pm!

Choose Your Friends Carefully!

17 Sep

John Kerry is currently talking up the coalition against Islamic State (ISIS) and the strong cordial relationship between the US and Saudi Arabia with all parties denouncing the video-taped brutal executions of two Americans and a British hostage!

Now I’ve long since given up on trying to find salvation in what the US says and does but here’s a brief introduction to Saudi Arabia’s track record!

  • More than 2,000 people were executed in Saudi Arabia between 1985 and 2013. 
  • At least 22 people were put to death between 4 and 22 August 2014 alone – more than one every day. 
  • The death penalty in Saudi Arabia is used in violation of international human rights law and standards. Trials in capital cases are often held in secret and defendants rarely have access to lawyers. 
  • People may be convicted solely on the basis of “confessions” obtained under torture, other ill-treatment or deception. 
  • Non-lethal crimes including “adultery”, armed robbery, “apostasy”, drug-related offences, rape, “witchcraft” and “sorcery” are punishable by death. 
  • Three people under 18 were executed in 2013, and so far in 2014 one has been sentenced to death, in blatant violation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. 
  • In some cases, the relatives of those on death row are not notified of the executions in advance.
  • Foreign nationals represent a disproportionate number of those executed, largely because of inadequate legal representation and translation support. Almost half of the 2,000 people executed between 1985 and 2013 were foreign nationals.
  • People with mental disabilities are not spared the death sentence. 
  • Most executions are by beheading. Many take place in public. In some cases, decapitated bodies are left hanging in public squares as a “deterrent”. 
The Saudi version of Morris Dancing!

The Saudi version of Morris Dancing!

The Most Influential Photocopier in History

9 Sep

Feeling a bit drained at the moment so I’d like to set you dear readers loose on the below article about a wonderfully bonkers book called the Principia Discordia and the anti religion Discordianism. Without knowing it we were following the general principles of Discordia most of our lives so when we chanced upon a joke masquerading as a religion lots of things started to fall out of place and dealing with life becomes a whole lot more fun! Enjoy and Hail Eris and remember don’t take anything too seriously!


In the mid-1960s a photocopier was state of the art technology, and having access to one was something of a privilege. The act of using an office photocopier after hours for personal projects, without the boss knowing, was therefore a far riskier and more rebellious act than it is today. This was certainly the case for Lane Caplinger, a secretary for New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison.

Hail the Goddess of Chaos

Hail the Goddess of Chaos

In 1991 Garrison was portrayed by Kevin Costner in Oliver Stone’s movie JFK, a film based on Garrison’s book On The Trail Of The Assassins. But this was 1965, a year before he became involved in Kennedy conspiracies and two years before the Summer of Love thrust hippies, psychedelic drugs and alternative lifestyles in front of an unprepared public. Things had not yet begun to ‘get weird’, in other words, and for a respected public figure like Garrison, there was little to indicate what surprises the future had in store. He would have been quite unprepared, then, for the book that Caplinger and her friend Greg Hill were clandestinely producing in his office.

This book was the original version of what would become known as the Principia Discordia, or How I Found The Goddess and What I Did To Her When I Found Her, by a writer named Malaclypse the Younger. They made a first edition of five copies. At the time it was little more than a joke for some of their friends, but its influence is now scrawled in a haphazard, and frequently illegible, manner across the history of the late twentieth century.

There was some debate in the 1970s, when the book’s influence began to spread, as to just who this ‘Malaclypse the Younger’ was. Some believed that the book was the work of Timothy Leary. Others claimed it was written by Alan Watts, or by Richard Nixon during “a few moments of lucidity”. It is now generally accepted that the book was largely the work of Caplinger’s friend Greg Hill, although large chunks were also written by Hill’s old school friend Kerry Thornley.

The ideas behind the book can be traced back to the late 1950s, when Hill and Thornley attended California High School in East Whittier, a rural Southern Californian town that was then nestled amongst vast orange groves. In school they were viewed as nerds. Hill was short, squat and introverted, while Thornley was tall, very thin, and bursting with a nervous energy. They both shared an enthusiasm for pranks and strange ideas. They were also both keen on bowling alleys, largely because they served alcohol and remained open until two in the morning.

It was in one such bowling alley in 1957 that Thornley showed Hill some poetry that he was writing. It included a reference to order eventually arising out of chaos. Hill laughed at this. He told Thornley that the idea of ‘order’ was an illusion. Order is just something that the human mind projects onto reality. What really exists behind this fake veneer is an infinite, churning chaos. For Hill, an atheist, the failure to understand this was the major folly of the organised religions of the world, all of which claim that there is an organising principle at work in the Universe.

It all makes perfect sense!

It all makes perfect sense!

Hill also told Thornley that the Greeks were an exception to this rule, as they had had a Goddess of Chaos. Her name was Eris, which meant ‘strife’ and which is translated as ‘Discordia’ in Latin. Clearly, if anyone wanted to worship a deity who could be considered real, in that they were genuinely and unarguably active in this world, then Eris was the only sensible option. All that was needed was for someone to create a religion around Her which, naturally, they decided to do. They called it Discordianism.

Slowly Hill and Thornley recruited a few like-minded friends into their new religion. Their aim was to undermine existing belief systems by spreading confusion and disinformation with as much humour as possible. To this end they each adopted a host of new names under which their Discordian endeavours were credited. Hill became known varyingly as Malaclypse the Younger, Rev. Dr. Occupant, Mad Malik, Ignotum P. Ignotious or Professor Iggy. Thornley became Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst, Rev. Jesse Sump, Ho Chi Zen or the Bull Goose of Limbo. Many different Discordian chapters were founded – the majority of which contained only one member, and some contained none. Discordians would then write essays and letters under these aliases, only to then follow them with completely contradictory essays and letters under a different alias. Gradually this process spread and, by the time it reached its height in the late Sixties and early Seventies, it had become known as Operation Mindf**k. The aim of Operation Mindf**k was to lead people into such a heightened state of bewilderment and confusion that their rigid beliefs would shatter and be replaced by some form of enlightenment.

That was the aim, anyway. In practice it rarely worked out so well, with those heavily absorbed in Discordianism proving as likely to succumb to paranoid schizophrenia as to any form of enlightenment.

Discordianism is often described as being either an elaborate satire disguised as a religion or an elaborate religion described as a satire, a description which wrongly assumes that it cannot be both at the same time. It certainly was a joke, of course, at least to start with. The whole concept was an atheist satire or, at most, a way to deal with nihilism by wrapping it up with a Goddess and a sense of humour. As events unfurled and strange synchronicities began to stack up, however, it became harder and harder to claim that what was going on was ‘just’ a joke.

For those early Discordians it became increasingly tempting to believe that when Greg Hill used D.A. Garrison’s photocopier to produce the first edition of Principia Discordia, something, some spirit of Discord and Chaos, emerged, or returned, or arrived in the world we know. Of course, Greg Hill was an atheist who intended Discordianism to be a satire of religion. He certainly did not start out taking the idea of Goddesses or spirits seriously. By the late 70s, however, he was convinced that his Discordian adventures had stirred up something that he was unable to explain. As he told his friend Margot Adler:

If you do this type of thing well enough, it starts to work. I started out with the idea that all gods are an illusion. By the end I had learned that it is up to you to decide whether gods exist, and if you take the goddess of confusion seriously enough, it will send you through as profound and valid a metaphysical trip as taking a god like Yahweh [the Jewish/Christian/Muslim God] seriously.

The effects of invoking a made-up god, in other words, were no different to sincerely invoking a ‘proper’ one. This was going to be an eventful realization for those that invoked Eris. As Thornley once remarked to Hill, “You know, if I had realised that all of this was going to come true, I’d have chosen Venus.”

Much better than singing in church!

Much better than singing in church!