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Life on Mars! We are Not Alone….or are we?

23 Jun

Yes readers your new look Bedford Bypass aims to be fourth or fifth with news! And we have a hot story with Bedford Bypass being the first bringing you an exclusive of sorts….or least exclusive as far as being the first low rate blog to repeat the story several days after the Daily Express!

It’s true….the NASA Curiosity Rover has sent back a number of intriguing images from Mars which certainly make you think that (to quote Star Trek) “We are not alone”.

Here’s the one that’s causing a fair bit of fuss and to give it its dues I can’t argue that its a pyramid shape. Some of the nationals have referred to it as a UFO. It’s not flying and its not particularly unidentified. Its a big rock and its stationary. So its not a UFO! But it looks good! And its got people going!

Well I'm convinced! That's a pyramid, no doubt about it!

Well I’m convinced! That’s a pyramid, no doubt about it!

But coming hot on the heels of the “pyramid” and the photo shown here has been rejigged a bit (not by us) as the original showed the whole thing to be on a slope and with a proposed scale of about 2cm, there’s more!

Later photo’s appear to show something that could at a push be said to show or at least intimate some kind of ancient settlement. Yes siree, enough evidence in vague lines, shapes and shadows to suggest hat while Mars may be devoid of life now, that may not always have been the case!

Now its all very subjective and some people might look at the image shown below and see something, others may not. And that;s the main problem, if you study the image long enough and if you really want to believe that we are not alone then it’s not hard to make shapes where they don’t exist! We were talking about last week at Bedford Skeptics in The Pub although we were talking about ghosts and not life on Mars so I don’t know why I mentioned this to be honest. Anyway, study the image! Be objective, don’t just “believe” this isn’t X Files, it’s a serious issue, are we the only form of sentient life in the universe, in fact do WE actually count as sentient life or are we merely fooling ourselves! (p.s. Does anybody understand what the fuck Agents of Shield on C5 (Fridays) is about, it started off straightforward but the went skyward…probably to Mars!

Lines in the sand!

Lines in the sand!


Battle Picture Library!

19 Jan

Well well! Who’s that dishevelled looking chap coming up the garden path with greasy hair, stubble and looking very unkempt? Why it’s Skip Hunter our resident hunter of skips! I heard you’d had a bit of a bad turn drinking cider and chrome polish ending up in a coma like in that episode of Father Ted!

Er..yeah..sort off!

Jolly good fun for boys!

Jolly good fun for boys!

So what you got to show us today Skip?

Nothing much, just loads more comics from the 1970 from the blue paper skip round the back of Tesco. They smell musty and old!

Yes Skip! Yes they certainly do whiff a bit! Quite pungent with an air of baby’s nappy!

We won! Ner nerr!

We won! Ner nerr!

I like the way they glorify war, killing, the British stiff upper lip, all the heroes have names like Charlie, Montrose, Jock and even Skip whilst the opposition are just Japs, Nips, Jerry, Hun and so on and they go AAAAAIIIEEEE when they are blown up! Quite a lot of Arabs get killed as well!

That little one looks good Skip!

The full reality of war, great summer holiday reading!

The full reality of war, great summer holiday reading!

Yep! Battle Picture Library, there’s some more called Commando..all good stuff, derring do! Very realistic, the true horrors of the front!

Great Skip, you must be quite pleased with your haul

Not really I’ve not sold that lot from last year and I was trying to fish some porn out, a much better resale value but it was too far in! Can I come in and have a cup of tea!

No! Sorry Skip….you and your bin liner of old comics really do stink!


More skip related tomfoolery with Skip Hunter in next week’s edition of Bedford Bypass readers! Although I think a bit of professional help might be needed!

Nash the Slash no more!

28 Jul

I’ve moved steadily from being a hip rock on reader of Q magazine to Mojo mostly because I find a lot of todays music quite bland and inane but also because Mojo do a monthly list of famous names in the music world who have swiftly moved from composing to decomposing!

One name in the current September issue (*?) is that of Jeff Plewman who few will be familiar with. Slightly more may know him by his alter ego of Nash the Slash and the key thing was that 30odd years back he was ploughing his own furrow of very dark slightly disturbing electro music whilst at the same time as never (ever) being seen without his trademark totally bandaged face and accompanying white tuxedo and top hot!Nash the Military Slash

He supported a post Tubeway Army Gary Numan in 1980 and 1981 which introduced him to the UK where Steve Hillage produced his first album to hit the European market! Detective work eventually outed Nash the Slash as Jeff Plewman mostly because Plewman was the legal tax paying entity behind the Nash company so to speak although for decades there was much guesswork, red herrings and false trails i.e. strong suggestions that Nash was in fact xyz only for the two of the them to appear on stage or at a do together. The only certainty was that he originated in a Laurel and Hardy film from the 30s in which the duo were pursued by a psychotic killer called…Nash the Slash!

Like many he fell out of favour to that awful Kylie bland pop period but carried on working at low level before he eventually started to garner a core respective audience outside his native Canada playing regularly in the UK up to 2012. The music still chilling with a touch of the sinister, the on and off stage garb a bit more surreal and theatrical rather than thrown together i.e. a telephone engineer with a facial sarcophagus like appearance!

If you’ve never heard of or for that matter heard Nash the Slash you have now and here he is with “Swing Shift”