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Keeping danger off the road

17 Aug

We have mentioned our loathing of those sad people that hide behind bus stops pointing speed cameras while wearing yellow vests, quite clearly getting turned on by the power trip! Well the roads are that bit safer, certainly around Riseley as the head camera pointer has just lost his driving licence through to much speeding! This particular group of saddles have packed their camera away! 215828439


Double Standards

30 Jan

Bedfords Conservative MP Richard Fuller made a valid point in his regular newspaper column last week about the council’s enthusisam for using its CCTV vans as cash registers as they snap anyone parking anywhere out of line for a few seconds. The actual traffic wardens are like most council staff, low paid, doing a job they’d much rather not do (apart from one of them who reminds me of Tackleberry from the Police Academy films and too thick to be a PCSO) and you can reason with them. They have a workable rappore with the local traders and know when to ignore a van loading up or delivering. The camera vans don’t afford this common sense approach as the happy snapper is remotely ensconced inside. As fast as its earning quids for Bedford Borough its slowly and surely chipping away at the connection between the authority and the community.

Chief supporter of the “fine em” approach is Cllr Rev Charles Royden shown below with his best friend. Charles is very eager to spout his views and get his picture in the paper however he was notably absent from an article in yesterday’s Bedfordshire on Sunday which showed a Borough Council vehicle parked dangerously outside a school.

Such anti social activities (a council phrase) near schools have been used by the Borough to fund two parking enforcement vehicles both of which have also been put to use against evil criminal masterminds in and around town like one nasty orrible retailer who needs to load furniture up outside his shop in order for his business to survive. The choice is common sense or an another empty shop!

I have my own solution to this stupidity from the council and on Saturday we all went to a vintage retro Emporium down St Albans! Free parking for three hours!