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The Wednesday Competition!

24 Jun

Like we said this is the “new look” Bedford Bypass and to try and maintain your attention and get the hit rates back up again after our…er…their spring break….and our negotiations to purchase the blog…we are having a great competition. It’s just over a month, maybe five weeks since the Liberal Democrats were trounced, humiliated, leathered, wallied, ridiculed, decimated, battered senseless and general given a good old swifty to the bollocks followed by a repeated pounding in the general area of where their bollocks once were! Lovely wasn’t it! The pain on Cleggs face….oooh! Crawling, bootlicking crack smelling odious TWATS! Ex Bedford Borough Lib Dem Councillor and ex Weightwatchers groupie Dan Rogerson now an ex MP! Punch the air!!!!!

Bedroom Tax….Yes Nick Clegg, austerity rammed up our back ends and you just looked sad and nodded it through!

Anyway back to the fab competition with the top prize being a bag of Vegan chocolate Ooojah Boojah chocolates from Norwich. Or it might be a box! But what a prize it is….All you have to do is study the below photograph and in there you may be able to spot Nick Clegg and his remnants of his Liberal Democrats party. They are there but be warned, to make things a tad harder we asked 100 of Bedford Bypass pals to wear Nick Clegg masks and shuffle about looking gutted, lost, defeated, searching for Prozac and the rest of it! So go on and have a go! Just circle Nick Clegg and the rest of the insignificant TWATS!

Spot Nick Clegg

Spot Nick Clegg

Remember only one entry per person, remember to write your name address, burglar alarm code and credit card details on the back. We regret that we can’t return your entry unless you include £5! In case of a tie break please list your favorite three regular characters from Bedford Bypass! And another £5. Good luck!


Thai Murders! Special Crack Police Squad Brought in!

18 Sep

The time to act is upon said the third one from the right!

We will find those responsible....eventually.

We will find those responsible….eventually.

What all footballers should be wearing?

27 Jun

It wouldn’t happen in golf or tennis would it? Andy Murray vaulting the net and chomping into whoever has just drowned his chance of winning a second time! No! It only happens on the pitch and outside Yates’s Wine Lodge at 1.30am.

Maybe this would help!

Maybe this would help!


The gene that helped us evade predators, that same gene that saw us evolve from group hunters, pack animals that needed a massive surge of testosterone and adrenalin to see us through and prevent us from becoming a tasty snack, it’s still there! Corrupted and running about some bit of turf below Mexico. Some clown from Liverpool FC trying to suggest that their own version of Lecter should still be allowed to play for them as…well…he’s cost them a lot and the last teeth sinking incident was some distance away where for all we know its a family tradition over there..”Hello Uncle Carlos…agghgrowlphhhhhh..rip!” (use your imagination here). And meanwhile people lose their homes and go without decent food unnoticed!

Mon Pierre (or Pete as those who tried picking him up from the front room floor when semi comatose call him) has once again gone to Glastonbury and has promised to check in regularly although as we are still waiting for last years report do’t hold you breath!